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This list of frequently asked questions (FAQ, if you’re cool) is a work in progress, so let us know if you have questions you’d like answered. Time for a deep dive into downtown Las Vegas.

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Downtown, your frivolity headquarters. We should probably trademark that.

Is downtown Las Vegas the same as The Strip?

Nope. They are two different things. Downtown Las Vegas is located in the City of Las Vegas, north of the Strip. The Strip is Clark County. The dividing line is Sahara Blvd. There’s a great photo op near the border of downtown, you should check it out

How many casinos are in downtown Las Vegas?

Circa Resort 6
Circa is set to be the next big thing in downtown Las Vegas.

There are 12 casinos in downtown Las Vegas: Binion’s, California, The D Las Vegas, Downtown Grand, El Cortez, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Main Street Station, The Plaza and The Strat. (Some people feel strongly The Strat is part of The Strip, by the way, including The Strat. Nobody’s perfect.) In Dec. 2020, there will be a new downtown Las Vegas casino with the introduction of Circa Las Vegas , from the owners of The D and Golden Gate.

Which casinos are part of the Fremont Street Experience?

Among the casinos in downtown Las Vegas, there’s a smaller list of partner casinos which contribute to Fremont Street Experience, the marketing umbrella for those casinos. Here’s a list of our casino partners.

Where is the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center?

The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is owned and operated by the owners of The D and Golden Gate, and is located just across the street from The D. The address is: 200 S. 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101. The entrance is at the corner of 3rd and E. Carson.

Is downtown Las Vegas safe?

As with any part of any town, common sense prevails, but yes, downtown Las Vegas is safe. That’s especially true at Fremont Street Experience as we have constant security patrols. Our security team works in tandem with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and casino security teams to ensure our guests are in a safe, controlled environment.

Is Downtown Grand on The Strip?

No. It’s downtown, about a block north of Fremont Street and Fremont Street Experience.

How old is downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas is as old as Las Vegas itself. Las Vegas was founded in 1905 when Union Pacific Railroad auctioned off 110 acres of land that would transform into downtown Las Vegas. The City of Las Vegas was incorporated on June 1, 1911.

How far is downtown Las Vegas from The Strip?

There’s a lot of fun discussion around where The Strip actually starts and ends, but officially, it ends at Sahara Blvd. If you walk from one side of that border to the other, you’ve technically gone from The Strip to downtown in 30 seconds. To get from center Strip to the middle of downtown, however, it’s about 10 minutes.

Where should I park in downtown Las Vegas?

There’s a lot of parking in downtown Las Vegas, and where you park depends upon where you’re going. If you’re visiting Fremont Street Experience, our official parking garage is a great option. Every casino has a parking garage and most have valet parking. Make sure to ask about parking validation at casinos, as policies vary. While paid parking has become the norm in Las Vegas, the parking rates in downtown Las Vegas are dramatically lower than those on The Strip.

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You sort of can’t miss the Fremont Street Experience parking garage.

Where is the downtown Las Vegas sign?

While the iconic Las Vegas sign has been around for a while, the downtown gateway display is more recent. The original “Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas” sign was destroyed by a truck in 2016, so the City of Las Vegas built a new one. The address is 1810 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas. The downtown Las Vegas sign is at the intersection of Main Street and Las Vegas Blvd. The sign features showgirls, dice, casino chips and a roulette table layout.

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Free photo ops abound in Las Vegas!

What shows are in downtown Las Vegas?

While downtown Las Vegas shows may not have the spectacle of some shows on The Strip, there’s a lot of great entertainment to be found downtown. Popular show venues include the showrooms at Golden Nugget, Four Queens and The D Las Vegas, as well as concert venues like the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. There is also live entertainment at Fremont Street Experience almost every night under the Viva Vision canopy. The free Downtown Rocks concert series hosts some of the biggest names in music right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

How do I get to downtown Las Vegas from The Strip?

Downtown Las Vegas is just north of the Strip and will only take you minutes by car. You can either drive yourself or take a taxi or rideshare service north on Las Vegas Blvd. You can also use public transportation by taking The Deuce or SDX Downtown Express buses northbound from the Strip. You will find Fremont Street Experience right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas between Carson Ave. and Ogden Ave.

Where is the Las Vegas Arts District in relation to downtown Las Vegas?

The Arts District is located within downtown Las Vegas but is several blocks south of Fremont Street Experience. Every first Friday of the month, the Arts District hosts a cultural block party with food, entertainment and, of course, art. If you happen to be in downtown Las Vegas on one of these nights, it’s definitely worth a visit.

How long is Fremont Street and is it walkable?

The part of the street that is considered the Fremont Street Experience is a seven-block entertainment district anchored by the famous Viva Vision canopy. The screen spans 1,500 feet in length, or about the size of five football fields. You can definitely walk this portion of Fremont Street and enjoy the stunning visuals of the Viva Vision light shows, the Slotzilla zipline riders flying overhead, and multiple casinos, restaurants and bars.

Is Fremont Street kid-friendly?

There are so many sights and sounds in downtown Las Vegas that kids can appreciate, but parents should use their discretion when bringing their children to Fremont Street. It can be crowded, especially if there is a live concert happening on one of the Fremont Street Experience stages. There’s a curfew for unaccompanied children under the age of 18, as follows: Friday and Saturday, 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

How late is Fremont Street open?

Fremont Street is a 24-hour experience where you can eat, drink, gamble or enjoy comfortable hotel accommodations at any time. However, some of the Fremont Street Experience attractions have operating hours:

  • Viva Vision Light Show Schedule: Depending on the season, the first show generally starts at 6:00 p.m and runs every hour until 1:00 a.m. Each light show is approximately six minutes long.
  • Slotzilla Zipline Schedule: Opening at noon every day, riders can enjoy this attraction until midnight Sunday to Thursday, and until 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

What is Slotzilla?

Slotzilla is a thrilling zipline ride that takes you soaring over the Fremont Street crowds and under the dazzling Viva Vision screen. You have two choices of how to ride Slotzilla. You can choose to fly seated on the zipline, which is seven stories high, or you can ride the upper zoomline superhero style 11 stories off the ground! SlotZilla is the world’s biggest slot machine and has been named the “Best Extreme Adventure,” “Best Amusement Ride” and “Best Family Attraction” in Las Vegas.

Are you ready for SlotZilla?

What is Viva Vision?

You can’t visit downtown Las Vegas without noticing the huge canopy hovering over Fremont Street. The canopy is actually a high-resolution screen made up of millions of energy-efficient LED lamps and concert-quality speakers. The Viva Vision light shows engulf the downtown Las Vegas crowds in a spectacular display of visuals and sounds and are a must-see while visiting Fremont Street Experience. Best part? It’s completely free. The Viva Vision screen recently received a $32 million upgrade. Read more.

What is the Viva Vision light show schedule?

Depending on the season, the Viva Vision light show schedule may vary slightly. In general, the light shows will start at 6:00 p.m. and run every hour until 1:00 a.m. Each show is approximately six minutes long. However, Viva Vision is currently undergoing a major upgrade and will be brighter than ever with 49,299,456 LED bulbs! This means that, for the first time, Viva Vision light shows can be seen during daylight hours.

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Welcome to sensory overload.

What hotels are in downtown Las Vegas?

There are several hotels in downtown Las Vegas. However, there is a smaller list of partner hotels that contribute to Fremont Street Experience, the marketing umbrella for those hotels. These include Binion’s, California, The D, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget and Main Street Station. Additionally, Downtown Grand, El Cortez and The Plaza offer accommodations.

Are there Fremont Street hotels without a resort fee?

Yes, some of the Fremont Street Experience partner hotels have no resort fees as part of promotional deals throughout the year, so be sure to ask when booking your reservation. However, Four Queens still offers accommodations without resort fees all year!

Do hotels in downtown Las Vegas have pools?

Yes, many hotels in downtown Las Vegas have pools you can enjoy during the warmer months of the year. In fact, Golden Nugget has one of the most breathtaking award-winning pools in the world. The Tank features a 200,000-gallon shark aquarium and a waterslide that goes directly through the shark tank! You can also enjoy sunbathing on the pool deck, private cabanas, waterfalls, poolside dining and drinks.

Golden Nugget Pool4-1
The shark tank pool at Golden Nugget is like no other pool in Vegas.

Why stay in downtown Las Vegas?

There are many perks to staying in downtown Las Vegas versus the Strip. For one, everything is walking distance and you’ll save on time and money by being able to easily bounce from place to place. Accommodations are also much more affordable, with some hotels waiving resort fees altogether! With so many things to do in downtown Las Vegas, you have access to all the Fremont Street Experience action with free concerts, the Slotzilla zipline, Viva Vision light shows, the best gambling odds in Sin City and that unique vintage Vegas vibe you won’t find anywhere else.

What is there to do in downtown Las Vegas during the day?

Downtown Las Vegas has plenty to offer to daytime visitors. Fremont Street Experience is home to the world-famous Slotzilla zipline, downtown Las Vegas casinos, restaurants, bars and epic people-watching. Grab a slushy drink, test your luck at video poker, take a ride down Slotzilla, then grab lunch or happy hour at one of the awesome restaurants along Fremont Street. Other options include the Downtown Container Park and the Mob Museum.

What is there to do in downtown Las Vegas at night?

If you thought Fremont Street Experience was fun during the day, just wait until you see all the action happening at night. The Viva Vision light shows are a dazzling visual spectacle on the world’s largest LED canopy screen that towers high above the downtown Las Vegas crowds. You can also take a ride on the Slotzilla zipline, rock out to free, live entertainment on three stages, plan an epic bar crawl or enjoy a fantastic dinner and drinks with friends. Here are some options for dining and drinking.

Are there museums in downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas has two unique museums that pay homage to the history of Sin City itself. The first is the Neon Museum, which is only minutes away from Fremont Street Experience. You can see some of the most iconic neon signs that graced historic Vegas casinos throughout the decades and learn a little about the science of neon signs as well. Then there is the Mob Museum. Housed in the old Las Vegas courthouse, you can easily walk there from Fremont Street Experience. Learn about the history of organized crime and law enforcement with interactive displays and award-winning exhibits.

Mob Museum
The Mob Museum is a must-do in Las Vegas.

What is Downtown Container Park?

Downtown Container Park is an outdoor retail center built from real shipping containers. Yes, every restaurant, store, and art gallery is housed in a recycled shipping container! This hip artistic area of downtown is walking distance from Fremont Street Experience and offers a fun environment for the whole family. In addition to locally-owned boutique shops and restaurants opened by Las Vegas chefs, there is a massive playground and treehouse for the kids to enjoy.

What are the best places to eat in downtown Las Vegas on a budget?

Downtown Las Vegas has always been easy on the wallet when compared to the inflated prices you’ll find on the Strip. Fremont Street has some of the best restaurants in town, even if you’re on a budget. Be sure to check out great casual spots like:

Check out more awesome downtown Las Vegas restaurants.

Where is the best place to get breakfast in downtown Las Vegas?

Fremont Street Experience, Fremont East District and Container Park make for a downtown breakfast trifecta. There’s always somewhere open for breakfast! On Fremont Street, choose between:

You also can’t go wrong with Eat, AmeriBrunch Cafe or Downtown Terrace at Downtown Container for weekend brunch.

Where is the best place to get lunch in downtown Las Vegas?

Get your grub on with an epic lunch in downtown Las Vegas at some of the hottest restaurants on Fremont Street. Check out:

Or, if you’re really starving, Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station. Bon appetit!

Where is the best place to get dinner in downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas is chock full of restaurants that have enticing dinner menus. Some of them include:

Where are the cheapest drinks in downtown Las Vegas?

Between epic happy hours and drink specials, you’ll get the most bang for your buck in downtown Las Vegas. For the best happy hour specials, you’ll want to swing by:

Also, check out D Bar at The D and OneBar at Golden Gate for a frozen drink or well cocktail that won’t break the bank.

D Bar Slushy Drinks
Pace yourself.

What bars and clubs are in downtown Las Vegas?

The list would never end if we named every bar and club in downtown Las Vegas, but here are the most popular destinations you should add to your list. Enjoy classic Vegas vibes at Bar Prohibition at Golden Gate, 17 flavors of slushy drinks at D Bar at The D, a fun patio setting at Whiskey Licker at Binion’s, specialty cocktails at Filament Bar at Fremont and live music at the only nightclub on Fremont Street Experience, Troy Liquor Bar at Golden Nugget. You’ll also want to visit Fremont East District, which is only steps away from Fremont Street Experience, for trendy bars and live music.

What downtown Las Vegas bars are good for large groups?

It’s true, some bars are bigger than others and can accommodate larger groups a little easier. If you happen to be with a big party, you should pop by Gold Spike, which has oversized backyard games, beer pong, a stage for live entertainment and great drinks. Also, visit Cadillac Tequila Bar at Golden Nugget, Triple 7 Brewery at Main Street Station, Patio Bar at Four Queens and Hennessey’s Tavern on Fremont Street. You should also consider hosting a bar crawl to make the most of all the downtown Las Vegas watering holes!

Can you drink on Fremont Street?

You can definitely drink on Fremont Street. After all, it’s Vegas! There are a couple of restrictions, however. Glassware or cans are not allowed on Fremont Street, so make sure your drink is in a plastic cup before heading out of the casinos or bars. There are usually plastic cups stacked by casino exits so you can transfer your drink if you have a glass container.

Is there shopping in downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas is the place to go if you’re looking for local Las Vegas brands and handmade products. Shoppers can enjoy specialty and boutique stores at Downtown Container Park, including Athena Jewelry Box, Bombs and Bubbles, Live at Your Own Pace Clothing Co., Sassy the Boutique, Third & Arrow and Art Box. Check out their full list of retailers. Another popular shopping destination in downtown Las Vegas is the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets.

Is there karaoke in downtown Las Vegas?

If it’s karaoke you’re looking for, there are a few places in downtown Las Vegas that will tickle your fancy. Ninja Karaoke in the Arts District is one of the most popular karaoke bars in Las Vegas! Backstage Bar & Billiards in the Fremont East District periodically hosts karaoke nights in their venue, so check their event calendar for details. Oddfellows in downtown Las Vegas also features “Karate Karaoke” on Tuesday nights. A recent addition is Cat’s Meow in the Neonopolis shopping mall.

Cats Meow Las Vegas
Cat’s Meow is the place to be for karaoke.

What are the sights to see in downtown Las Vegas?

Apart from the obvious Slotzilla and Viva Vision attractions, there are countless things to see on Fremont Street! To name a few, you can take a photo with a million dollars (literally) at Binion’s, take in the iconic neon of Vegas Vic, see the world’s biggest keno board and rub a piece of the Blarney Stone at The D, have your minds blown as you watch our flair bartenders and dancing dealers, check out the famous shark tank at the Golden Nugget pool and so much more. For those on a budget, here’s a list of things to do on Fremont Street if you’ve blown your gambling allowance.

Vegas Vic
Vegas Vic is the man.

What’s new in downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas has recently undergone a number of revitalization efforts, and many attractions are in the process of being upgraded. For one, the Viva Vision screen will be brighter than ever with a $32 million renovation, making it possible for the light shows to be seen during the day. Some Fremont Street properties are also upgrading and expanding, including the addition of Whiskey Licker Up and Hotel Apache boutique accommodations at Binion’s and a new sportsbook at Golden Gate.

Fremont Street Experience is also anticipating the opening of Circa, a world-class casino and resort right here in downtown Las Vegas! Check back for updates on this exciting new development.

Are Uber or Lyfts available at Fremont Street Experience?

Yes, down at Fremont Street, Uber & Lyft services are available 24/7.

Where can I host an event in downtown Las Vegas?

Downtown Las Vegas is the ideal location to host a large party or corporate event. Fremont Street Experience itself has hosted product launches, seminars, holiday parties and many corporate events, including a private party for Microsoft. There are also many hotels in downtown Las Vegas that offer event spaces that will accommodate parties of all sizes.

We’re constantly updating our downtown Las Vegas FAQ, so feel free to leave your questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to share the answers.

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