Everything You Need to Know About the Viva Vision Canopy Upgrade

The Viva Vision light shows are about to get even more spectacular!

A $32 million renovation of the Viva Vision canopy is scheduled, with a debut of the dramatically upgraded screen on Dec. 31, 2019, otherwise known as New Year’s Eve.

Anticipate hooplah. We know a little something about hooplah.

Viva Vision
The one and only Viva Vision!

Oh, and don’t worry, our world-famous light shows will continue to play nightly, even during the renovation!

We’ll be sharing all the latest developments of the Viva Vision upgrade here on our blog, so check back often for details.

Here’s a look at Viva Vision, the biggest video screen on the planet.

A History Quickie

This is the second time Viva Vision has been upgraded. Fremont Street Experience opened on December 14, 1995.

Here’s a look at the original lights used for Viva Vision.

Viva Vision 1995
You say “big and clunky” like it’s a bad thing.

In 2004, Viva Vision got a $17 million upgrade. Read more.

Here are the lights from the 2004 upgrade.

Viva Vision 2004
Don’t laugh. It was pretty high tech at the time.

Now, let’s jump ahead to 2019. Here’s a look at the new LED panels.

Get ready for more, bigger, brighter, better. Not necessarily in that order.

Here’s a timeline of all the news related to the upgrade, most recent updates are at the bottom.

Viva Vision Upgrade Announced
Aug. 13, 2018

On Aug. 13, 2018, it was officially announced Fremont Street Experience would undertake a massive renovation of Viva Vision, the world’s largest single video screen.

The new screen will have a whopping 16,433,152 pixels and 5,000 Nits! For some context, that’s a lot of Nits. (A Nit is a unit of measurement for the total brightness over one square meter of an LED display.)

The new canopy will feature 49,299,456 energy-efficient LEDs.

The bottom line: The new Viva Vision screen will be seven times brighter and have four times the resolution.

A giant benefit to the upgraded screen will be that it can show during daylight hours.

Here’s a video from the LED manufacturing company, Watchfire.

Beyond the brightness and resolution, the new canopy will afford the opportunity to include interactivity to the Viva Vision experience.

The canopy upgrade will cost $32 million, a financial collaboration between Fremont Street Experience (and its casino partners), the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority.

Read more:

The Viva Vision upgrade project is a collaboration between Fremont Street Experience, Tré Builders and Watchfire Signs, an Illinois-based LED manufacturer.

First Shipment of LEDs Arrive
April 1, 2019

On Apr. 1, 2019, the first shipment of LEDs for the canopy arrived, ahead of schedule.

The shipment consisted of eight massive crates.

Viva Vision LED crates
We are far too excited about crates.

The first shipment of crates is just 1/16th of the total number that will be needed for the renovation. The total will be 118 crates.

Each crate represents one night’s work for installers.

Each crate has nine “subframes” with 64 LED modules on each subframe. Ultimately, the renovation will require 67,456 modules.

The new LED modules are already being tested.

Downtown’s about to get even brighter.

The modules will be installed in 150-foot sections. This will allow the light shows to continue, with minor disruption for guests.

Viva Vision Renovation Begins
May 6, 2019

Renovation of the Viva Vision has officially begun. Work is being done in the middle of the night to avoid disruption to our guests, casino partners and neighbors.

Because the upgrade is being done in small sections, the light shows will run throughout the duration of the renovation.

Read news coverage.

The renovation will go from in front of the Golden Gate casino and works its way east over the next few months.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or, in this case, module.

Here’s a closer look at the modules being installed on the Viva Vision canopy.

A whopping 67,456 modules will make up the new and improved Viva Vision SCREEN.

First Renovated Section Tested
June 5, 2019

The first renovation section of the new Viva Vision canopy was tested on June 5, 2019.

For the first time in the history of the Viva Vision screen, content can be shown and enjoyed during daylight hours.

Because of the new screen resolution, new content is being developed to make the most of the screen’s leap forward in resolution and brightness. There are so many surprises in store as the renovations continue. A new light show featuring The Chainsmokers is the first to be created with the new canopy’s capabilities in mind. Visitors will get a sneak preview of the new Viva Vision on June 13 with the debut of a new light show with hits from Steve Aoki.

As we’ve said, light shows will continue during the duration of the renovation.

Viva Vision renovation
The first time Viva Vision can be enjoyed during daylight hours!

Just one section completed, and already a photo op!

Some people just get it.

Second Canopy Section Renovated, Approved
June 29, 2019

On June 29, 2019, renovations of a second section of the Viva Vision canopy was completed and approved. Six more sections to go!

Upgrades to the third canopy section are well under way.

Here’s our baby on July 2, 2019.

Downtown visitors get a sneak preview of the new Viva Vision resolution every night of the week as each new section is illuminated. Take a look!

Some sexy Viva Vision action during a Sugar Ray concert.

We’ll have more news about the Viva Vision canopy upgrade in the weeks and months to come! Subscribe to our free e-newsletter to stay in the loop.

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