At American Coney Island, A Delicious New Treat Hits Fremont Street

American Coney Island restaurant at The D Las Vegas has already won over legions of fans with its chili dogs. Now, there’s even more to love.


American Coney Island
Resistance is futile.

American Coney Island recently introduced a new dessert, and we had to give it a try. It’s been on our mind ever since. Behold the Rockslide Brownie.


Coney Island brownie
The happy.


The Rockslide Brownie got its start in Detroit, Michigan, just like American Coney Island.

This grab-and-go bad boy is a brownie topped with brownie cubes (because you can never have too much brownie) and features toasted pecans for some crunch, caramel and a drizzle of milk chocolate ganache.

All this, and it’s completely calorie-free! (Do you believe everything you read on the Internet?)


American Coney Island
This would be the location of the OMG.


Swing by The D Las Vegas and give it a try.


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