Binion’s Announces Whiskey Licker Up and Hotel Apache

One of downtown’s iconic casinos has announced a pair of exciting projects in the works, a new full-service saloon, Whiskey Licker Up, and Hotel Apache, a boutique hotel.

Here’s a look at Whiskey Licker Up, a bar and restaurant which will feature a huge rotating bar as its centerpiece.

Binions Whiskey Licker Up
“Liquor up” is right!

Whiskey Licker Up will sit on the southwest corner of Binion’s, directly above its popular Whiskey Licker Bar.

The bar will overlook Fremont Street Experience as well as its 1st Street stage.

The new venue will offer drinks, dining, drinks, dancing, live entertainment, drinking and a mechanical bull. As well as drinks, probably. It’s Las Vegas!

Binions Whiskey Licker Up 3
Whiskey Licker Up at Binion’s will offer some of the best people-watching in, oh, the world.

Construction of Whiskey Licker Up is expected to be completed in summer 2019.

You can already see a bit of the new venue peeking through the Binion’s facade.

Future home of a mechanical bull and approximately a billion photo ops.

Vegas history buffs will love the fact Binion’s will integrate its colorful history into the venue, including an exposed wall once part of The Mint.

Mint Wall
The Mint became part of Binion’s in 1988. NOw, Guests will be able to touch history.

In another nod to history, Binion’s will soon debut Hotel Apache, a boutique hotel with 81 rooms on the casino’s second and third floors.

The rooms will be a throwback to the original Hotel Apache which opened on the site in 1932.

The new Hotel Apache will boast throwback furnishings, and will take advantage of the building’s history of “eerie occurrences.” Translation: People say the place is haunted!

Hotel Apache Room
Haunted or not, There’s no denying the old-timey charm.

The rooms at the new Hotel Apache should be available for guests in summer 2019.

Stay tuned for all the latest on these two projects at Binion’s. There’s never a dull moment on Fremont Street!

Visit the official Binion’s Web site.

Update (4/2/19): Book a room at the haunted Hotel Apache at Binion’s.

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