Free Summer Concert Series Returns for 2018

Our wildly popular Downtown Rocks summer concert series is back, and we’re ready to announce our first batch of performers.

Downtown Rocks is free and open to the public. This year’s concert line-up is set to be our biggest, ever.

Offering a diverse range of musical genres for audiences of all ages, the series kicks off on May 25, 2018 and continues throughout the summer with performances by artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, The Cult, Ratt, Sebastian Bach and others.

Downtown Rocks concert series schedule
One louder, baby!

Here’s a quick peek at the partial schedule for our Downtown Rocks free summer concert series. We’ll be announcing another set of bands soon.

Most of our free summer concerts start at 9:00 p.m., but check back for specifics.

All concerts are on our 3rd Street stage except for Molly Hatchet (1st Street stage).

Learn more about parking at Fremont Street Experience.

Fremont free summer concerts
Arrive early and stay late. You’re in Vegas!

A few words from Patrick Hughes, our President and CEO of Fremont Street Experience:

“Fremont Street Experience has always been committed to offering the very best in live entertainment and we are thrilled to be kicking off the Downtown Rocks summer concert series with such an incredible line-up. Whether you’re interested in celebrating the warmer weather with a cold one or joining us for the party that never ends under the Viva Vision canopy, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for at Fremont Street Experience.”

Beyond our summer concerts, we’ve got live entertainment on three stages every night of the year. Check out our official Calendar of Events and watch for more news about the Downtown Rocks summer concert series at Fremont Street Experience.

  • Eric W.

    These names suck! Hopefully there are way better bands to come!!

    • Rance Prelot

      No one wants to sign up for a free show outdoors in a Vegas summer in 90 degree heat. Ann Wilson sweating her ass off last summer was not a pretty sight.

      • Gina DiLuzio

        More like 100 degrees at night in the summer… and with all those people it’s even hotter. Not fun anymore like it used to be in 2011 when they started the free concert series.

      • Judy Stanley

        90? Try like 105-110, but if you get hot just walk into one of the air conditioned casinos that are right by (that’s what I do). Fremont Street is just fun all around anyway.

  • Dawn Noble

    I want Tyler James and the Memphis Experience back . They were great and Tyler is an award winning ETA

  • Gina DiLuzio

    It’s a waste of time to go down to Fremont Street anymore with free concerts. Tons and tons of people packed in like sardines near the stage and beyond. Families with kids and baby strollers knocking into you, pushing and shoving. Last show I went to was Joan Jett 2 summers ago. Never again!!!! The Cult is the only show I would want to see and that is just going to be too crazy packed for me…

  • Marcus Sita

    im in for ratt.

  • Mojave Son

    I hope to see The Cult’s show. July 14 in Vegas, even at night it’ll be scorching hot!

  • Mike

    I’ve gone to several the past few years, but unless the 2 TBA’s are awesome, don’t think I’ll go downtown this summer. I’ve been lucky to get there early for a couple shows when they hand out the VIP’s (Theory of a Deadman 2015, Seether 2017). Got there a little before concert started for 3 Doors Down a few years ago, and it was just too packed to be able to enjoy the concert. Drunk idiots spilling beer all over the place, everyone and their mother walking in front of me to get to the other side….

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  • Marie

    Does anyone know when the announcement will be made for June 9th?

    • Deanna Smith

      I just seen The band Lit announced they are playing on the 9th.

      • Marie

        Thank you!

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