11 Great Places to Sit and People-Watch at Fremont Street Experience

Typically, Fremont Street Experience isn’t for sitting. There’s a reason it’s called a “pedestrian mall” and not a “taking a load off mall.”

Still, there are some great spots along Fremont Street Experience to sit, relax and people-watch. Let’s start at one end of Fremont Street Experience, the west end, and work our way toward the other end.

1. Whiskey Licker Bar at Binion’s

This bar at the southwest corner of Binion’s has some frosty beverages, along with the great view of the mall.

Whiskey Licker Binions
More than just whiskey. We’ve verified this personally.

2. Gold Diggers Nightclub at Golden Nugget

Not all the best places to sit on Fremont Street are at street level. Gold Diggers lounge and nightclub, on the second floor of Golden Nugget, is the best way to get a bird’s-eye view of all the fun on the street below.

Gold Diggers Gold Nugget
Bonus: At Gold Diggers, you can get eye-to-eye with Vegas Vic, downtown’s iconic neon cowboy, right next door.

3. Stage Bar at Golden Nugget

This outdoor bar has bar stools as well as an entire seating area with seats facing all the fun on Fremont Street. Bonus: Stage Bar is a great vantage point for performances on our 1st Street stage, hence the bar’s name.

Stage Bar Golden Nugget
Prime seating for the true “greatest show on Earth.”

4. Starbucks at Golden Nugget

This enclosed seating area provides a solid entertainment value from your grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk investment.

Starbucks Golden Nugget
“Starbucks. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.” ™

5. Tasti D-Lite at Binion’s

This is one of our favorite places to relax and take in the sights of Fremont Street. Bonus: Delicious soft serve (not ice cream, but also not frozen yogurt) with lots of thigh-tastic mix-ins like chocolate chips, chocolate chips and chocolate chips. Don’t judge.

Tasti D-Lite
Those comfy chairs are are recent additional. Look for our imprint in them. Unless that’s awkward.

6. Bar 46 at Golden Nugget

An intimate (that’s PR-speak for smallish) outdoor seating area at the heart of Fremont Street is just the ticket if you’re looking for a cocktail and up-close, but not too close, view of the millions of people who visit downtown Las Vegas each year. Oh, there’s a fire pit, too. Not for heat, really, but more for atmosphere. Bar 46 is a reference to when the Golden Nugget was built, in 1946.

Bar 46 Golden Nugget
It’s like your living room. If your living room has an iconic casino attached to it.

7. Cowgirl Up Cantina at Binion’s

This new outdoor bar at Binion’s opened recently and has very limited seating, but it’s more fun than the usual kind, because four of the bar stools are saddles.

Cowgirl Up1
The saddles are on the casino side of Cowgirl Up (at left). Don’t side-saddle it. It’s Vegas.

8. Patio Bar at Four Queens

This stage-side bar is a great location to chill and take in some of the free entertainment on our 3rd Street stage.

Patio Bar Four Queens
“Patio” has its roots in Spanish. It means “communal pasture.”

9. Mickie Finnz

As we move past the Viva Vision canopy of Fremont Street Experience, there are still more places to sit and people-watch, including Mickie Finnz, at the food of the SlotZilla zip line attraction.

Mickey Finzz
Warm breezes mix with refreshing A/C on the Mickie Finnz patio.

10. Banger Brewing

Fremont Street’s first craft brewery has some outdoor seating, right at the gateway to the Fremont Street Experience.

Banger Bewing
A refreshing suds and sights combo.

11. Hennessey’s Tavern

Hennessey’s is the last establishment you’ll see before you hit the Fremont East Entertainment district. It’s actually two places to sit in one, as upstairs is the Brass Lounge, a balcony uniquely suited for ogling and, wait for it, lounging.

Hennessey's Tavern
Hennessey’s is home to what’s touted as the world’s largest pint glass.

When your dogs are barking on Fremont Street, now you know where to go!


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