SlotZilla, Fremont Street Experience Named “Best of Las Vegas”

The annual “Best of Las Vegas” awards have been announced, and we’re thrilled to share the SlotZilla zipline attraction and Fremont Street Experience won big!

Yes, we’re talking about ourself in the third person, but it’s a little awkward humblebragging, so just go with it.

SlotZilla won three gold (first place) honors:

This is probably a better way to say it.

Bolv Winner Slotzilla
We’re kind of warming up to this humblebragging thing.

If you haven’t flown on SlotZilla, you’re in for the time of your life. Learn more about this award-winning (that has a nice ring to it) one-of-a-kind Las Vegas zipline and see what all the buzz is about.

We’re also thrilled to be the recipient of two “Best of Las Vegas” awards for Fremont Street Experience as an overall destination.

In a town full of amazing entertainment venues, we’re truly humbled to have been named the “Best of Las Vegas.”

If you’ve ever attended one of our free concerts, you know why! The energy, the casino marquees, the Viva Vision canopy and 550,000-watt sound system combine to create a concert environment unlike any other in the world. And did we mention there’s liquor and gambling 15 feet away?

You might say we know a little something about concerts and live entertainment.

Bolv Winner Fse
Our free concerts are nearly as beloved as Rick Springfield.

Check our calendar of events to see what’s on our three stages every night of the week.

From the hits you know by heart to the legendary acts you love, here’s a taste of what makes Fremont Street Experience the best concert venue in Las Vegas.


The “Best of Las Vegas” awards are hosted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and winners are selected by popular vote.

That means we have our customers and visitors to thank for not only our awards, but for making Fremont Street Experience the best street party in the world.

We’d also like to pass along our congratulations to our casino partners for their dozens of “Best of Las Vegas” awards, including for their rooms, casinos and other amenities. They’re the ones who pay for all our free concerts, so without them we wouldn’t be able to crow about our awards!

See all the “Best of Las Vegas” winners at the official site, and thank you to all our fans for all the love, awards and otherwise.


6 responses to “SlotZilla, Fremont Street Experience Named “Best of Las Vegas”

  1. we get to the front of the line, then next to go on the zipline, and we hear “attention…there is lightening in the distance and rain coming in. I’m sorry but we are closing until tomorrow. You can get refunds downstairs.” It is now 3 am and we have to wait in line for refunds. Frustrated, we get our ticket changed for the next day at 8:30 pm.
    We go the next night and see two of the employees that were there the night before. We walk up to the first and say hi and thank him for being so nice the night before when he gave us our refund. He says thanks and sends us to the end of the line again. The second employee, Elizabeth, walks up and sees us and says” you two come with me” and she walks us up the stairs to get fitted for our safety harnesses ahead of the line. We get fitted and then they start calling for single ridders to come to the front. We don’t want to push our luck so we remain silent. Again Elizabeth sees us and says “these two are” and gets us to the front of the line. We got to ride the zipline and ended up waiting only about 20 minutes as opposed to the standard hour thanks to Elizabeth.

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