Getting Around Downtown Las Vegas

Exploring downtown Las Vegas is something that everyone should experience when they are visiting Sin City. Downtown Las Vegas is the heart of the city and where all the fun originally started. There are so many thrilling and unique experiences to be found in the downtown area that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the city.

One of the best things about downtown Las Vegas is that it’s easy to jump from one place to another. Whether you’re on foot, riding a bike, renting a car or using a rideshare service, here are the best ways to get around the downtown area.

Walking Tour Through Downtown

Walking through downtown Las Vegas is always a great option because it allows you to see more and stop wherever you want. This is especially true at Fremont Street Experience, where the best downtown casinos, bars, restaurants and attractions happen to be. You can go from a fun night of bar hopping to rolling the dice at The Cal craps tables, and soar over the downtown crowds on the Slotzilla Zipline to immersing your senses in a dazzling Viva Vision light show—all on foot!

If you want to explore even more with somebody who knows where to go, consider taking a walking tour downtown Las Vegas-style. There are several different walking tour packages available, with most lasting about 2 or 2.5 hours. You can also download walking tour apps and visit the city sights on your own time.

Bicycle Rentals in Downtown Las Vegas

If you enjoy riding a bicycle, why not rent a bike to get around downtown Las Vegas? The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) offers a bike-share program throughout the city, with several stations downtown. With this program, you and your friends can pick up downtown Las Vegas bikes, explore the city and drop them off all using a downloadable app.

Also, you don’t have to drop off the bike at the same spot that you rented it, so you can always keep moving as you explore this cultural corner of Las Vegas.

Taxi Service

Taxi service is available all over the downtown area, although you’ll need to go to a designated taxi pick-up area to get one. It’s almost impossible to “New York-style” flag down a random taxi. But most downtown Las Vegas hotels and casinos will have taxi queues in their driveways in front of their main entrances, including Main Street Station and the new Circa Resort. If you need to go further distances, taking a taxi could be a good option.

Rideshare Services

Rideshare services have become one of the most popular methods of getting around downtown Las Vegas. You might even get a driver from Vegas that does not mind going short distances and can give you tips and advice on where to find the best dinner, entertainment or local spots in the downtown area.

It is important to remember that Uber and Lyft pick-up areas are generally not at the front of a hotel or casino. These areas are usually reserved for taxis and limos. Make sure that you know exactly where the driver will pick you up and that you are at that location quickly. Better yet, don’t request your ride until you get to the pick-up area. Drivers usually get there within a few minutes and might not be able to wait long.

Public Transportation in Downtown Las Vegas

While exploring downtown, consider using the Downtown Loop to get around. The Downtown Loop is a free (yes, we said FREE) shuttle service that will take you to all the biggest attractions in the area, including:

  • Fremont Street Experience (stops at Circa and Main Street & Ogden)
  • The Arts District
  • Fremont East District
  • The Mob Museum
  • Las Vegas North Premium Outlets
  • Symphony Park

If you’re heading to downtown Las Vegas from The Strip, or vice-versa, The Deuce is the way to go. It runs 24/7 and there are several stops just next to Fremont Street Experience where you can catch the bus. The ride to and from the Strip area takes longer, but you will probably appreciate being able to sit for a little while between your adventures. You can buy one-time, daily and three-day passes depending on how often you plan to use the bus.

NOTE: As of October 4th, 2020, the Strip & Downtown Express (SDX) service line was eliminated.

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Car Rentals in Downtown Las Vegas

We know even though there are so many ways to get around downtown without having to drive, some people may still want to rent a car. To each his own, we say! Luckily, there are a number of car rental locations in downtown where you can pick up a vehicle, ranging from economy cars to luxury rentals. Check out the Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the D, Budget Car Rental at Golden Nugget or Avis Car Rental located at Four Queens.

When You Visit Downtown, You Won’t Want To Go Anywhere Else

However you decide to explore downtown Las Vegas, just know you’ll have everything Vegas has to offer right at your fingertips. Looking for fantastic food, affordable drinks, flair bartenders, sexy dancing dealers, epic pool parties, loose slots and whatever else you can dream up for your Vegas vacation? Downtown Las Vegas has you covered. But don’t take our word for it. Get to downtown and start exploring!

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