Insider’s Guide to the Top Blackjack Spots in Downtown Las Vegas

It’s not just the poker tables and slot machines filling up at downtown Las Vegas casinos every night. With great odds and low table limits, it’s no surprise gamblers are heading to downtown Las Vegas to try their hand at blackjack.

If you’re planning the ultimate date night, heading to Sin City for your bachelor party, engaging in some harmless day drinking or simply looking to spend a few hours courting Lady Luck in the casino, here are the top blackjack spots to check out in downtown Las Vegas.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a blackjack newbie, Golden Nugget has something for everyone with a low house edge of 0.55 percent on several tables. They offer traditional blackjack and all sorts of variations, from Free Bet to Super Fun 21 to Bonus Spin blackjack.

Golden Nugget Event1
Unmistakable and TIMELESS.

For blackjack veterans and heavy hitters, Golden Nugget has one of the largest high limit salons in all of Las Vegas. You’ll find tables with $25 minimum bets in this area that allow players to double down before and after splitting and pays 3-2 odds.

More casual blackjack players will appreciate the $5, $10 and $15 tables on the main casino floor that also pay 3-2 odds.

As a little perk for beginners, Golden Nugget also offers free gaming lessons at 11:00 a.m. daily.

It’s obvious why Golden Nugget was named the 2018 Best Overall Gaming Resort and Best High Limit Room in downtown Las Vegas by Casino Player Magazine.

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

There’s really nothing better than an exciting game of blackjack dealt by beautiful dancing dealers at the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate has been around since 1906, seeing downtown Vegas through its very beginnings, the roaring ’20s and the Rat Pack era. It’s a legitimate slice of history.

Golden Gate Exterior Image
Through that door you’ll find a shiny new sports book, among other things.

They’ve got blackjack with 3-2 odds, a house edge of 0.64 percent on most tables, $5 minimums and six-deck games that allow players to double down before and after splitting.

You can also play $10 Free Bet blackjack in which the player doesn’t have to risk his or her own money when splitting or doubling down. We’d keep going, but you’re probably already on your way there.

Main Street Station Casino

Main Street Station Casino might be Sin City’s best-kept secret.

The casino has a charming, Victorian-era vibe and is filled with rare antiques, making Main Street Station one of the most noteworthy gambling stops in Las Vegas.

Main Street Station Exterior
Just a block or two off Fremont Street, and well worth the two minute stroll.

Head to Main Street Station for $5-minimum single and double deck blackjack with 3-2 odds and a low house edge of 0.60 percent.

If you want to play blackjack with a twist, the casino also offers Super Fun 21. This popular variation of the traditional game allows players to automatically win if their hand has six cards or more with a total of 20, even if the dealer has a blackjack. Hardcore players tend to skip the side bet due to the house edge, but fun is fun. “Fun” is right in the name, after all.

California Hotel & Casino

Are you in Las Vegas or Hawaii? It’s hard to tell here. At the California Hotel & Casino, also known as “the ninth island,” the aloha vibe spreads right through to the casino floor. Blackjack players come for the laid back atmosphere and low table limits.

The California Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas
Seek out the ice cream place, Lappert’s, trust us.

With a whopping 14 blackjack tables with 3-2 odds on their casino floor, there’s always a seat open for you at The Cal.

They offer both traditional blackjack and six-deck blackjack with minimum bets at some tables as low as $3! One thing to keep in mind, though, is lower minimums often mean a higher house edge. The odds at the $5 minimum tables are 3-2 with a low house edge of just 0.60 percent.

Fremont Hotel & Casino

It’s not just the $3 blackjack that makes Fremont Hotel & Casino such a stellar place to play. It’s located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas making it the best spot if you want to be in the middle of all the Fremont Street Experience action.

Fremont casino Las Vegas
The Fremont has some of our favorite Las Vegas neon, ever.

If it’s King’s Bounty blackjack you’re looking for, Fremont is the only casino in downtown Las Vegas that offers this progressive side bet. If you place the King’s Bounty wager and are dealt two king-of-spades, you’re in for a big payout!

Stop by Fremont for blackjack games offering a house edge of 0.60 percent, free drinks while you play and their famous 99-cent shrimp cocktail. Seriously, it’s vintage Vegas as its best.

The D Las Vegas

We’re not done yet. At The D, all blackjack games pay 3-2 odds and they’re dealt by, you guessed it, sexy dancing dealers.

The D crowd is energetic, the casino floor is jam-packed and the tables are always sizzling. Many blackjack players prefer The D because of the action-packed, boisterous atmosphere and enthusiastic crew.

D Las Vegas
The D is owned by the same folks at Golden Gate and the new Circa resort.

When gambling at The D, you have the option to play double deck or six-deck games with $10 minimum bets. They also offer Free Bet, Super Fun 21 and Buster Blackjack. The house edge on some tables is as low as 0.46 percent, so it’s one of the best spots to place your blackjack bets in downtown Las Vegas.

Blackjack is just one way to enjoy good old-fashioned gambling in downtown Las Vegas.

Blackjack Horizontal
The first written mention of blackjack was in “Don Quixote.”

This is just a sampling of the blackjack offerings downtown. You’ll also want to check out Binion’s, Four Queens, Plaza, Downtown Grand and El Cortez (this place has single deck blackjack that pays 3-2, rare in Las Vegas).

Don’t forget about all the other things Fremont Street Experience has to offer, including ziplining on SlotZilla, dazzling light shows on Viva Vision and more. You’ll never run out of things to do in downtown Las Vegas. See you at the blackjack tables!

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