Downtown Must-Try: Lappert’s Shaved Ice at The California Las Vegas

Temps can get a little daunting during summer in Las Vegas, which means you’ll need some clever ways to cool off. There are always slushy drinks, of course, and some great pools.

But one of our favorite ways to cool off is Hawaiian-style shaved ice (“shave ice” to people from Hawaii) at Lappert’s Ice Cream in The California.

Lapperts Ice Cream Las Vegas
No, the sign isn’t edible, but just about everything else is.

The first thing you notice about the shaved ice at Lappert’s is the sheer size of it. It’s mountainous, really, and the syrup is poured on liberally.

Cal Shaved Ice1
Doctors wear gloves to perform brain surgery, too. This process is more important.

Run-of-the-mill shaved ice doesn’t really hold the syrup too well (the ice isn’t shaved finely enough), but Lappert’s does it right, and the result is a cool treat even shaved ice experts love.

This massive shaved ice is just $3.50, so it’s a great value. Especially since it serves approximately 40 people. Give or take.

You can find Lappert’s on the second floor of The California hotel-casino, just quick stroll from Fremont Street Experience. Here’s the official Web site.

Cal Shaved Ice2
Please firmly hold your shaved ice as you eat it. If it tips over, someone might be crushed.

The California is extremely popular with visitors from Hawaii, so it’s not surprising the shaved ice is authentic and unforgettable.

Fair warning: Shaved ice isn’t without its perils, so read more about how to avoid brain freezes. And did you know shaved ice was the precursor of our modern day slushy cocktails?

Lappert’s opens at 6:00 a.m., seven days a week, and closes at 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and midnight Friday and Saturday.

The ice cream and shaved ice at Lappert’s at The California is a must-try when you’re in downtown Las Vegas!

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