Everything You Have to Do at The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas, formerly Fitzgerald’s, is a lively party spot on Fremont Street. It’s one of the most popular places to play and stay in downtown Las Vegas, and many consider it a must-do!

We’ve put together a list of 15 things you have to do at The D Las Vegas, so let the festivities begin.

1. Play Sigma Derby

The D Las Vegas has one of the few remaining Sigma Derby machines in all of Las Vegas. The vintage game is quarter operated, and players bet on their favorite horses. Because a number of players sit around the Sigma Derby racetrack, it’s a communal experience, and a boisterous good time. Sigma Derby is located on the casino’s second floor. Just follow the sounds of unbridled exuberance.

The D Sigma Derby
Each horse’s win results in a different payout. Nevermind the math, it’s a blast.

2. Indulge in Andiamo Italian Steakhouse

The award-winning Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse is an upscale steakhouse at a downtown value. Find out more at the official site. The old-school service and Italian favorites make Andiamo an irresistible part of the downtown Las Vegas experience.

Andiamo Italian Steakhouse
And don’t even get us started about the desserts.

3. Party at Longbar

Longbar isn’t just a must-do at The D, it’s a must-do, period. This amazing stretch of bar is nearly 100 feet long, topped with video poker and fueled by some of the most entertaining flair bartenders anywhere. Curated beats and dozens of TVs contribute to the party vibe, especially when sports are in the mix. If you haven’t done Longbar, you haven’t done Vegas!

Longbar the d
Just go with it.

Here’s a look at the fun to be had.


4. Get a Dancing Dealer Cup

It’s an iconic homage to the women who contribute so much to making Vegas so Vegas. Fill it up, show it off, take it home. Bonus: Doubles as the best piggy bank, ever.

The D cup
Nobody doesn’t love a D cup!

5. Catch a Concert

Just across the street from The D is its sister events venue, the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. This new entertainment venue has already had some memorable shows and sporting events, with more in the pipeline. Visit the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center Web site to see all the upcoming events and shows.

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is owned by the same folks who own The D and Golden Gate casinos, so you know it’s going to rock.

6. Meet Manneken Pis

The Mannekin Pis statue is a relatively new addition to The D Las Vegas, but it’s already bringing players luck and turning into a bona fide photo op for visitors around the world. Located near the hotel’s valet area, the Manneken Pis is a replica of the famed statue in Brussels, Belgium.

Manneken Pis2-1
A plaque near the statue says, “Manneken Pis has been described as hard-working yet fun-loving, affable and slightly irreverent, all qualities embraced by the D Las Vegas.”

7. Visit the Bitcoin ATM

The D Las Vegas was the first Las Vegas casino to accept Bitcoin, the virtual currency. The D was also the first in Las Vegas to have an in-casino Bitcoin ATM. There’s a Bitcoin machine near The D’s gift shop, and Bitcoin is accepted as payment at The D’s front desk, restaurants and aforementioned gift shop.

The d new Bitcoin ATM
These customers were taking a really, really long time with their Bitcoin transaction.

8. Say “Hello” to Julita

The D Las Vegas has amassed an unmatched bevy of beauties to serve as dancing dealers and bartenders, so it would be impossible to highlight just one. We probably should’ve put “impossible” in quotation marks, because here’s Julita! We’ve never seen Julita behind the outdoor bar at The D without a warm, welcoming smile, and she even moonlights as an aerialist. No, really. Stop and say “hello,” and ask her about the vast variety of slushy drinks. You’ll be so charmed, you won’t remember anything she said, but ask, anyway.

9. Have Some Laughs

Yep, The D has shows, including Jokesters Comedy Club. The show features some of the best comedy talent around.

Jokesters at The D in Las Vegas
Adults Only. As it Should be.

10. See the World’s Biggest Keno Board

Everything’s bigger in Las Vegas, and that includes the keno board at The D. In fact, it’s touted as the world’s largest. Pick your numbers in the upstairs keno lounge, then keep an eye on your results as you stroll Fremont Street.

What? That’s just some random number we photographed on the keno board.

11. Down an American Coney Dog

American Coney Island grew a cult following in Detroit, and now the eatery is making legions of new fans at The D Las Vegas. American Coney Island is open 24 hours a day, the perfect solution to your downtown cravings.

American Coney Island
American Coney Island is tucked neatly under the escalator at The D, easily accessible when those drunchies kick in.

12. Stroke the Blarney Stone

It’s one of the few remaining remnants of “The Fitz,” but thousands of Vegas visitors have rubbed the Blarney Stone on the second floor of The D for good luck before hitting the slot machines and blackjack tables. Actual results may vary, but it can’t hurt to give it a try!

Blarney Stone-1
Don’t try to read the sign. Although you look adorable when you squint.

13. Play Vintage Slots

The entire second floor of The D is devoted to vintage slot machines, many are rare and nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Here’s a Vegas casino tidbit: When the classic Riviera closed, the owners of The D purchased all the slot machines. Many of those machines made their way to The D’s vintage Vegas area. So, when you play at The D, you could be playing on a slot machine once played by Elvis, The Rat Pack or Liberace. We actually have no idea if they played slot machines, but don’t spoil our little fantasy.

The d Second Floor2
It’s like a slot machine museum, but without the stuffy museum vibe.

14. Smile for the Camera

Yes, Las Vegas casinos are full of cameras, but this one’s special. As you’re taking the escalator down from the Vintage Vegas floor, watch for an “Easter egg” as you get onto the escalator. Make sure to smile, because when you arrive at the bottom, you’ll see video of yourself as you got on the escalator at the top! Read more.


15. Rub Elbows with Owner Derek Stevens

We can’t think of another casino in Las Vegas where the owner of the joint hangs out at his own bar and schmoozes with customers. Derek Stevens is a colorful, affable sports fan who truly gets what makes downtown Las Vegas special. He and his brother Greg Stevens (who prefers to keep a lower profile) are also owners of the Golden Gate and recently purchased the Las Vegas Club. If you love The D as much as we do, let Derek know in person!

Derek Stevens1
Let’s just say it’s good to be Derek.

Oh, and here’s a bonus thing you have to do at The D Las Vegas: Your bachelorette party. The D throws a party so good, you may want to have a bachelorette party there even if you’re not an actual bachelorette. Just saying.

Those are our top 15 things to do at The D Las Vegas. How many have you done? Any others you’d suggest? Just leave a comment and we’ll be all over it!

Learn more about The D hotel and casino in downtown Las Vegas, and see why the casino’s slogan is “Long on fun, short on ordinary.”


7 responses to “Everything You Have to Do at The D Las Vegas

  1. I absolutely love the D experience. I stay there about 3 times or more a year. Never have I had so much fun. The pool was fantastic but could use a few umbrellas. I saw the owner the last time I was there and went over to greet him as I had seen his invite on the TV. I really didn’t get a warm reception from him. I guess I’m nobody to him. But other than that the D experience is like no other

  2. How I miss Fitzgerald’s! It was so charming! Why is it that new owner’s cannot just leave well enough alone? Bad new owners!

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