Eight of the World’s Largest Things Can Be Found in Downtown Las Vegas

In Vegas, they say “Go big or go home!” Well, luckily, you can avoid going home by checking out some of the world’s largest things in downtown Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas, these free curiosities should serve as a fun diversion between hot streaks at the blackjack tables.

1. World’s Largest Video Screen

The crown jewel of downtown Las Vegas, the Viva vision screen is why most Las Vegas visitors say they visit downtown. It’s 1,500 feet long and 90 feet wide, making it the largest video screen in the world.

Viva Vision Las Vegas Intense
Others have claimed they have the world’s largest video screen but we’re secure enough to not have to prove them wrong. Oh, and they’re wrong.

2. World’s Largest Instagram Wall

This one’s a two-fer, because when you have the world’s largest video screen, anything you put on it also becomes the world’s largest. The World’s Largest Instagram Wall is worth noting, though. That’s five football field’s worth of photos tagged with #FremontStreet on Instagram, and for many visitors, it’s become a Las Vegas must-do. Bonus: During March Madness, the Viva Vision screen is home to the world’s biggest NCAA championship bracket.

3. World’s Largest Slot Machine

It’s not merely the world’s largest slot machine, it’s also the busiest and most successful urban zipline in the world. SlotZilla, takes guests flying down Fremont Street either sitting down (on the Zipline) or superhero-style (on the Zoomline). A ride on SlotZilla is great way to see the gorgeous neon facades of some downtown Las Vegas hotel-casinos and an exhilarating thrill you’ll never forget.

SlotZilla is 120 feet tall, and that’s with bare feet.


4. World’s Largest Keno Board

The D Las Vegas recently installed the World’s Largest Keno Board, and you can’t miss it. The board shows live keno games as they unfold in the casino’s second floor keno lounge, adding an additional level of fun to this popular game. While you’re at The D, check out another distinctive feature, Longbar. About 100 feet long, Longbar is touted as the longest bar in Nevada.

Keno Board the D
How can you tell it’s the World’s Largest Keno Board? It says so right there.

5. World’s Largest Pint Glass

The pint glass at Hennessey’s Tavern is said to be the biggest pint glass in the world. At 85 feet tall, it won’t hold your favorite beverage, but it still makes a great photo op. At the moment, the pint glass is getting a new look and will soon transform into the world’s biggest Not Your Father’s Root Beer Mug, complete with a handle.

Not Your Fathers Ppint Glass
Pace yourself.

6. World’s Largest Working Fire Hydrant

If you explore the Fremont East district, you’ll encounter the world’s largest functioning fire hydrant. The 15-foot-tall hydrant is attached to a doggy daycare facility called The Hydrant Club, just across from the former Western casino.

Fire Hydrant
You should see the size of the dog.

7. World’s Largest Fire-Breathing Praying Mantis

Not far from the over-sized fire hydrant, you’ll find the World’s Largest Fire-Breathing Mantis. We’re fairly sure it’s the biggest fire-breathing mantis in the world because, as far as we know, it’s the ONLY fire-breathing mantis in the world! The mantis, outside Downtown Container Park, was created for the Burning Man festival and is a 150:1 scale replica of the real thing. It burns through 50 gallons of liquid propane a day and lights up the night in downtown Las Vegas.

Fire Mantis
If you think your fire-breathing mantis is bigger, please don’t bite our head off.

8. World’s Largest Mechanical Neon Sign

If you’re looking for the World’s Largest Mechanical Neon Sign, you’ll find it on Fremont Street. Or, perhaps we should say you’ll find “him” on Fremont Street. The world’s biggest mechanical neon sign is none other than Vegas Vic. Vegas Vic stands watch over Fremont Street and the Pioneer Gift Shop below, and stands 40 feet tall. Vegas Vic’s arm and cigarette no longer move (those were the mechanical parts), he’s still a beloved part of downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street Experience.

Vegas Vic
Sorry, ladies. Vegas Vic was married to his counterpart, Vegas Vickie, in 1994.

In Las Vegas, it seems everything is bigger!

Beyond downtown, Las Vegas also boasts the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the world’s largest Hooters restaurant, the world’s largest chocolate fountain, the world’s largest chandelier, the world’s largest Coke bottle, the world’s largest race and sports book, the world’s largest gift shop and the world’s largest permanent circus, just for starters.

If you encounter a “world’s biggest” thing in Las Vegas, we’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment (keep it clean-ish!), then get back to having some huge fun in Sin City.

17 responses to “Eight of the World’s Largest Things Can Be Found in Downtown Las Vegas

  1. There is a Vegas Vic (or maybe his cousin Laughlin Larry) in Laughlin, Nevada. His arm and cigarette still work. To bad Vegas couldn’t do as well as Laughlin in keepin up their neon.

  2. We love Fremont Street & in 10 days we’ll be there.
    Would really like to see the street surface repaired after the damage caused by the Zipline installation.
    Also Fremont would be much nicer without beggars & the so called “performers” that cannot actually perform.
    Plus ALL touts, whether for show tickets, nasty cosmetics & time share must be got rid of. They simply irritate visitors with their persistence.
    Only the first moan would cost any real money.

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