Fremont Street Experience Hosts World’s Largest Instagram Wall

Everything’s bigger in Las Vegas, and that includes the 1,500-foot Viva Vision screen at downtown’s Fremont Street Experience.

The Viva Vision screen is home to the “World’s Largest Instagram Wall,” featuring photos of Las Vegas visitors and some of the people who make Fremont Street Experience unforgettable.

Worlds Biggest Instagram Wall1
Be a part of the world’s biggest Instagram wall. You’ll need Instagram, in case that wasn’t self-evident.

During “social hours” throughout each evening, guests on the Fremont Street Experience mall are encouraged to tag their Instagram photos with #FremontStreet. The photos then appear on the Viva Vision screen, 90 feet up, in virtually real-time.

Instagram, of course, is an online photo and video-sharing social media platform. It’s free to download, and you can find the official Fremont Street Experience Instagram account here.

Fse Instagram
First step, take Instagram pics. Second step, make them huge.

Now, if we could only figure out a way to make Viva Vision touch-sensitive!

Worlds Biggest Instagram Wall2
Take photos, share photos, Take Photos of Photos, Share. the circle of social media is complete.

Las Vegas visitors are floored when the see their larger-than-life photos on the world’s biggest video screen.

Fse Instagram Wall1
This couple from Europe was totally not into it. Until they did it. Then it was epic.

The “World’s Largest Instagram Wall” is a chance for Fremont Street Experience guests to have a photo op like no other.

World's biggest Instagram wall
Flyers on SlotZilla gEt to fly under the world’s biggest Instagram wall. As if it weren’t already the coolest thing a person can do, ever.

Follow #FremontStreet and get ready to view your super-sized selfie on the world-famous Viva Vision screen.

Fse Instagram Wall2
Our Dancing DJ Sara APPROVES.

For more information about our Viva Vision light shows, visit our Viva Vision page or check out the Viva Vision light show schedule.

And a special thanks goes to our Viva Vision design and operations crew. They figured out all the technical aspects of making the world’s largest Instagram wall a reality.

Viva Vision crew
Thanks to Ron, Rayshon and Eladio, the Viva Vision wizards who light up downtown every night of the year.

The free lights shows at Fremont Street Experience are one of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

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