10 Mouth-Watering Downtown Treats Dangerously Close to Being Health Food

There are lots of delicious diversions along Fremont Street, but some of our favorites can be found at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, inside Fremont Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

The tucked-away shop is brimming with chocolate, of course, but the real surprises are in the store’s diverse selection of candy and caramel apples. Apples, of course, are very healthy. They provide fiber, vitamin C (which helps your immune system), potassium (great for heart health) and vitamin K, which probably has health benefits, although nobody knows which ones.

With all that in mind, we’re calling the candied apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the Fremont “health food,” and that’s the story we’re sticking to. We trust it goes without saying we are not a doctor or a nutritionist, so take everything you’re about to read with a grain of salt. Unless that’s unhealthy, then ignore that advice, too.

Fremont Casino Fisheye
You sort of can’t miss the Fremont casino.

Here are some delectable treats at Fremont that are dangerously close to being healthy.

1. Candy Apple

Let’s start with a tried-and-true classic, the candy apple. Yes, there’s a paper-think, hard candy coating, but let’s stay focused on the apple. Aside from the health perks noted above, apples can also reduce tooth decay, protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and decrease your risk of diabetes. Here’s more.

Candied Apple9
Health food! (Just play along.)

2. Walnut Apple

This caramel-covered Granny Smith apple is rolled in walnuts. Talk about healthy! Walnuts have cancer-fighting qualities, help prevent heart disease, have powerful antioxidants and contain vitamin E, folate and melatonin. Can you say for certain you get enough folate in your diet? Exactly! Read more.

Candied Apple
Step right up and get your phytonutrients, whatever those are!

3. M&M’s Caramel Apple

Caramel-covered apple plus America’s favorite candy? Bliss. And what’s more, chocolate has tons of health benefits. How do we know? Women’s Health Magazine says so, and that magazine has “Health” right in its name. The magazine says, “In a nine-year Swedish study of more than 31,000 women, those who ate one or two servings of dark chocolate each week cut their risk for heart failure by as much as a third.” Boom.

Candied Apple 5
Pace yourself, we’re just getting started.

4. Almond Apple

Just as the name implies, this caramel apple is covered with roasted almonds. Almonds are super healthy, and lower bad cholesterol, build strong bones and teeth, can aid in weight loss, nourish the nervous system and alkalize the body. What’s a little extra sugar when you can reap all those benefits, and more? Get the details.

Candied Apple 6
Almonds are believed to promote fertility. Skeptical? In ancient Rome, newlyweds were showered with almonds as a fertility charm.

5. Cheesecake Apple

This Granny Smith apple is dipped in white confection and rolled in crushed graham crackers. You may be surprised to know graham crackers began as a health food! They were created as part of the Graham Diet, a regimen to supress carnal urges. We’re completely serious.

Candied Apple 7
Cheesecake, unhealthy. Cheesecake Apple, quasi-healthy. The choice is clear.

6. Grasshopper Apple

This caramel apple is dipped in mint, and is drizzled with dark and white chocolate. Beyond being a great palate cleanser, mint also promotes digestion, can help with nausea and headaches, and has been shown to be of benefit to asthma sufferers. Read more.

Candied Apple 8
Grasshoppers are one of the healthiest insects. We rest our case!

7. Peanut Apple
This Granny Smith apple is first submerged in caramel, then rolled in peanuts, nature’s perfect food! (Take that, eggs.) The health benefits of peanuts are almost too numerous to mention, but they can help regulate blood sugar, prevent gallstones, fight depression, boost memory power and even promote fertility! No, really.

Candied Apple 3
This shop has rolling caramel apples in things down pat.

8. Peanut Butter Bomb Apple

This tempting delicacy takes the Peanut Apple to new heights. The caramel-covered apple is rolled in peanuts (see health benefits above), and then dipped in Tiger Butter, rolled again in peanuts (double up to catch up on those health benefits) and it’s then drizzled with milk chocolate. Tiger Butter, we recently learned on the Internet, is a mixture of blend of white and milk chocolate, peanut butter and possibly fudge. Peanut butter, from what we understand, is made up largely of peanuts. Please refer to the health benefits of peanuts above.

Candied Apple 4
No actual tigers were harmed in the making of this amazing snack.

9. Tiger Butter Apple

More tiger butter, please! Peanut butter (bite it, gallstones) and milk chocolate (suck it, heart failure) are the one-two punch of borderline healthy snacks.

Candied Apple 9
All right, now you don’t have to pace yourself. We’re in the home stretch.

10. Caramel Apple

Oh, the heck with it. Who cares if caramel apples are healthy? It’s Las Vegas! You can do the whole “everything in moderation” thing when you get back home. In the meantime, try a simple caramel apple.

Candied Apple 2
“Caramel” comes from the Medieval Latin word “cannamellis,” or sugar cane. Sugar cane is an edible grass, which makes it a vegetable. Therefore, eating caramel is akin to eating your vegetables. (Note: Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.)

The next time you’re near the Fremont casino, make a stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for all the possibly-healthful downtown treats featured here.

Learn more about Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Fremont Hotel & Casino.

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