What to do in Vegas Spring 2024


Bright lights of the cars, casinos, restaurants, and hotels in Downtown Las Vegas.It’s no secret that Las Vegas is full of exciting activities you can’t find anywhere else in the world. The only issue is: where do you start? Some people can feel overwhelmed when visiting Las Vegas because there’s so much to do that it can be hard to narrow it down. Restaurants, casinos, resorts, and clubs – how can you do it all?
If you’re considering taking a trip to Las Vegas in Spring 2024, we’ve got you covered on all the hottest, must-see attractions. Get to know Las Vegas like you’ve never seen it before. From places to eat and shows to see, this is how you can make the most of your vacation.

Don’t-Miss Activities in Downtown Las Vegas

It’s hard to even put into words everything that Las Vegas encapsulates. Downtown Las Vegas undoubtedly has a reputation for being a fast-paced, lively city. The lights, the buzz of the crowds, and more than a few street performers. Everywhere you look, there’s something exciting happening, and you’ll want to soak it in without missing a second.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas, the Strip is obviously the place to be. The lights, the parties, and all the action can be found in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. This is your ticket to non-stop delight and thrills. You’re craving a Spring Break that is packed full of adventure and entertainment, and Downtown has everything you could possibly want for your trip. It’s the place to make incredible memories that will last a lifetime.


The Fremont Street Experience

For those who are first-timers, the Fremont Street Experience is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of everything that Las Vegas has to offer. Simply walking the Strip trying to decide what to do first is not how you want to spend your trip. There’s so much to explore in downtown Vegas, but the Fremont Street Experience makes it easy to do it all.

What makes the Fremont Street Experience a must-do in Downtown Las Vegas is the convenience and exclusivity of the attraction. It’s bursting full of activities, more so than anywhere else in the area – which is not an easy task. Why not make it an unforgettable trip by doing all the things you’ve never done before, all in one place?

The Fremont Street Experience, much like the majority of Downtown Las Vegas, is something you have to see to believe. The feeling of excitement buzzes through the air, and you get to embark on a ‘choose your own adventure’ style evening. There are a ton of sites to explore on the Fremont Street Experience, but here are a few highly recommended stops for your journey.

The Exhilarating SlotZilla Zipline

Have you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagined ziplining through the busy crowds and sparkling lights of Downtown Las Vegas? If you said yes, that’s a very specific dream, but you’re in luck! Dream or not, this is something you have got to try while you’re here.

The SlotZilla Zipline is an experience of bucket list proportions that you don’t want to say you missed out on. Life is about making memories and having no regrets. You are in Las Vegas, after all, so it’s safe to assume you’re looking to live on the wild side.

Imagine getting back home and telling all your friends you got to zipline through a casino. That’s something most people will never be able to say for themselves. You’ll be making great memories and have stories to tell for the rest of your life after this Spring Break in Las Vegas.

The SlotZilla Zipline is cleverly themed like a slot machine, and there are two ways you can experience the fun:


  • Zip Zilla: Zipline
    • This is the lower zipline where you fly seated at seven stories in the air.
    • Zip Zilla is the shorter ride at about two blocks in length.
  • Super-Hero Zoom: Zoomline
    • On this line, you fly laying down super-hero style from 11 stories up.
    • The Super-Hero Zoom is also the longer ride option at 5 blocks long.


This is one example of great family-friendly fun that can be had in Downtown Vegas. Whether you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends, the SlotZilla Zipline is an electrifying affair that you can’t experience anywhere else on the planet.


Get your thrills in Downtown Las Vegas at the SlotZilla Zipline.


The Awe-Inspiring Viva Vision Light ShowThe canopy light display covering the entire ceiling the of the fremont street experience


There’s no shortage of beautiful, brilliant light shows and live music in Las Vegas. What’s unique about the Viva Vision Light Show is its sheer size. It’s the largest LED canopy screen in the world. Not only is it a massively impressive display, it’s also free. The Viva Vision Light Show is known as one of the best free activities that Las Vegas has to offer.

The shows are coordinated visual displays of unique song interpretations. The setlist is curated using the top songs and artists from today and the past. It’s a truly incredible show that you can’t experience anywhere else. It lasts from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., and it keeps the party alive the entire time.

If that’s piqued your interest, here is the current setlist of artists and their scheduled times:

  • 6:00 pm: The Killers
  • 7:00 pm: Imagine Dragons
  • 8:00 pm: Shakira
  • 9:00 pm: Stone Temple Pilots
  • 10:00 pm: The Chainsmokers
  • 11:00 pm: Steve Aoki
  • 12:00 am: Shakira
  • 1:00 am: MIXology (Premium Show)
  • 2:00 am: Tiesto

The gigantic screen blankets the Fremont Street Experience strip for a creative display that you can simply look up to enjoy. It’s truly a breathtaking visual display that has to be seen to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. It must have a spot on your Spring Break itinerary!

Experience the dazzling lights of Vegas with the Viva Vision Light Show.

Dining Experiences that are UnmatchedSteak sliced and cooking on flat top grill with a huge flame rising up off of it

There are too many restaurants in Downtown Las Vegas to even try to name them all here. One thing about dining out in Las Vegas is certain: you have to treat yourself. No matter what places you decide to test out, you want to dine like royalty. Fortunately, there are a ton of restaurants that are right up your alley.

Whether you’re looking for a world-class steakhouse or a more modern, themed joint, there’s something that everyone will enjoy. These Las Vegas Restaurants will satisfy not only your hunger for great food but also a unique dining experience.

Downtown Dining is like Nowhere Else in the World

We’ve already covered the importance of making lasting memories while you’re here. So why shouldn’t that also apply to what and where you eat? Trick question: it definitely should. Living it up on your trip means treating yourself to all the fine-dining experiences that you can only find here in Downtown Las Vegas. Don’t hold back. Live lavishly and soak in the extravagance.

The following are some of our top picks of Las Vegas restaurants you can’t pass on:

  • Barry’s Downtown Prime: This gorgeous restaurant puts a modern twist on the old-school, vintage glamor of Las Vegas.
  • Hugo’s Cellar: Romance meets opulence here. Found in the Four Queens Hotel & Casino, it has a timeless charm and elegance that can be your escape from the buzz of the Strip.
  • Top of Binion’s Steakhouse: The chatter about Binion’s never stops, making it an absolute must-do in Downtown Las Vegas. Not only does its delicious menu live up to the hype, it also offers an unbeatable view of Las Vegas Boulevard – from 24 stories up!

Creating lasting impressions is the priority when it comes to the dining establishments here. Restauranteurs know what a special destination Las Vegas is to those who visit, which is why they are committed to providing extraordinary dining experiences to every guest they meet.


Enjoy an unbeatable dining experience in downtown Las Vegas this spring!


World-Class Hotels and Casinos

Some of the most magnificent hotels and resorts in the world can be found right here in Las Vegas. They offer exclusivity, luxury, and even a gorgeous view of the Strip. If you’re visiting Vegas, you’ve got to go all out and do it right. The hotel you stay at should be the cherry on top of all the other excitement you’ve already experienced so far.

Your hotel isn’t just a place to sleep off the day’s adventures. It, too, should be a part of the adventure. We’ve compiled some of our top picks for must-stay hotels for you to try on this trip and when you come back to party with us again.

“Stay and Play” Like You’ve Never Seen it BeforeStreet view of the Fremont Street hotels: The Golden Nugget, and 4 Queens

One of the best parts about the hotels and resorts in Downtown Las Vegas is you’re never far from the fun. You can have the best of both worlds by staying in an elegant suite while still being just steps away from the thrilling action of the casinos. Whether it’s a vintage style or modern design you’re looking for, it’s guaranteed you can find the hotel of your dreams waiting for you in Las Vegas.

Here are some of our top picks for hotels that will take your Las Vegas trip over the top:

  • The Circa Resort & Casino: The Circa mixes the vintage luxury of the 1960s with a modern spin on design. It offers three different styles of gorgeous suites and four on-site restaurants.
  • The Golden Nugget: Think sparkling lights, think glamor, think ‘never-ending party.’ These are all the elements that make up the beautifully captivating and classic Golden Nugget hotel.
  • Main Street Station Casino, Brewery, & Hotel: This hotel showcases a noteworthy victorian-era old-Americana take on architecture and design. Its antique stylings and interiors make for a stay you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The Fremont Hotel & Casino: Known as “The Heartbeat of Fremont Street,” this hotel will dazzle you and keep you coming back for more


The hotel you choose should offer just as much enchantment as all the other stops on your trip. You should feel fully immersed in the culture and style of beautiful, bustling Las Vegas while you’re here.


Book your stay in one of the many unique and elegant hotels in Vegas.



Make the most of your Las Vegas Spring 2024 stay

Your time here in Las Vegas Spring 2024 should be filled with unmatched excitement. We have so many unique shows, restaurants, and hotels waiting to be enjoyed. People travel from all over the world to take part in this never-ending party, and we can’t wait to welcome you next.
Making the most of this city means going all out and living it big. It’s time to embrace your wild side and cherish the unexpected while you’re here. You may try to imagine the fun you’ll have, but it will never come close to actually living it. We’re so excited to help you celebrate your Spring Break 2024 here in Las Vegas.

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