Viva Vision

Viva Vision Light Show Schedule

Each and Every night, 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Current Nightly Lineup

6:00pm Imagine Dragons
7:00pm Stone Temple Pilots
8:00pm Katy Perry
9:00pm Shakira
10:00pm The Chainsmokers
11:00pm Steve Aoki
12:00am Mixology
1:00am Katy Perry
2:00am Tiesto



About Viva Vision, Music Light Shows

Viva Vision, Music Lights shows at Fremont Street Experience are known around the world as one of the best FREE things to do in Las Vegas. Each awe-inspiring, 6-8 minute show features a mind-blowing, 3D graphical interpretation of top songs from legendary musical artists.

At the top of each evening hour, all lights, sound and ancillary music under the canopy are turned off focusing everyone’s attention on the spectacle that is about to unfold above. Be sure to grab your cell phone to capture the dazzling lights and imagery as you dance and sing along to songs we all know and love from some of the world’s premiere artists all under the mesmerizing glow of the Viva Vision screen representing the largest single digital display on the planet.

MIXology, Fremont Street Experience’s Premium Show


View MIXology Teaser Video


MIXology is a feast for the senses, with never-before-seen 3D visuals created by one of the world’s premier digital entertainment companies, Contend.

The groundbreaking show concept was inspired by “synesthesia,” a phenomenon where stimulation of one sensory pathway (like seeing or hearing) sparks other senses, often resulting in euphoria.

The music in MIXology is a mash-up of iconic songs you know and love from an array of music’s greatest artists and eras.

Viva Vision is free because of of contributions from our casino partners. Please share the love and support our casinos so that we can keep entertaining you. Check out their downtown Las Vegas casinos and hotels.