The Chainsmokers

Viva Vision Light Show


Fremont Street Experience hosts The Chainsmokers Viva Vision light show each and every night. An American electronic DJ duo hail from New England, and meet in 2012. They quickly created a buzz at local dance clubs and that small stirring would eventually see them winning many highly acclaimed awards including:

  • Billboard Music Award for Top Dance Song
  • American Music Award for Favorite Artist Electronic Dance Music
  • Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording
  • MTV Music Video Award for Best Dance Video

These two artists, together, cross the boundaries of both pop and hip-hip to infuse their own style of dance music that is perfect for our night 6-7 light shows on the Fremont Street Experience.

The Chainsmokers

Fun Fact: The Chainsmokers, Alexander “Alex” Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart, do not actually smoke! Unless you are talking about their music of course. The dance music duo started by remixing hit songs, but soon came to find their own style. They topped the charts in 2016 with “Closer,” one of the biggest pop hit singles of all time.