Things to Do in Las Vegas Now Include SlotZilla’s Upper Zoomline

Things to do in Las Vegas lists around the world just got longer. The much-anticipated upper SlotZilla Zoomline at Fremont Street Experience is now open!

The new set of zip lines take flyers from a 114 foot high launch deck, superhero-style (prone), the full length of the Fremont Street Experience for $40. That’s about 1,700 feet, or nearly the length of five football fields!

things to do in Las Vegas
Ready for a life-altering experience in Las Vegas? We’ve got this.

SlotZilla’s lower Zipline has been in operation for several months, and is already topping Things to Do in Las Vegas lists.

The Zipline lands about halfway down the Fremont Street Experience, with guests flying in a traditional seated position, for $20.

Things To Do In Las Vegas Slotzilla
This illustrates the two levels olf “Aieee!” at the premier zip line in Las Vegas, SlotZilla.

This exciting Las Vegas zip line is the ultimate way to see downtown as you’ve never seen it before, soaring above the world’s biggest block party and beneath the world’s largest video screen. See more about the ultimate Las Vegas zip line.

One of the thrills of the just-opened Zoomline is that while flyers take off 114 feet up, the roof of the Viva Vision screen at Fremont Street Experience is 90 feet up. That means flyers start above the video screen, swooping down and flying below it, often during some of the most spectacular light shows in the world.

The SlotZilla zip line was originally announced in November, 2012.

The new Las Vegas thrill ride cost $17 million to build.

Here’s a look at guests taking off on the new Zoomline.


The SlotZilla launch tower, in the shape of a massive slot machine, features lots of iconic Las Vegas images including a martini glass (see below), a pink flamingo, coins and dice.

Slotzilla Martini
Some Vegas-themed bling.

Atop SlotZilla is a red spinning light. On slot machines, these lights are known as “candles,” and are color-coded to denote the denomination (pennies, quarters, dollars) of the slot machine.

SlotZilla candle
Typically, a red candle means a slot machine takes nickels. Now you know!

At regular intervals, a giant handle, or arm, on SlotZilla moves forward and video screens simulate the reels of a slot machine. By the way, the arm is what gave slot machines their nickname, “one-armed bandits.”

slotzilla handle
Did you know that in sports gambling, “handle” means the total amount of money wagered on an event?

The structure also boasts two curvy Las Vegas showgirls. The showgirls are based upon two real people, models Jennifer Johnson and Porsha Revesz (see the showgirl she inspired, below). The two women often accompanied former Mayor Oscar Goodman for public appearances and are now immortalized on each side of SlotZilla.

SlotZilla showgirl
It doesn’t get any more iconic than a Las Vegas showgirl.

The east-facing side of SlotZilla features colorful stars in the Googie style of art, as well as a nod to the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas” sign.

Slotzilla Googie Stars
We love us some Googie stars.

Come to think of it, you’d better add a photo op on both sides of SlotZilla to your list of things to do in Las Vegas, too. If you share your photos on social media, make sure to add the #SlotZilla hashtag so we can share your photos with our fans and followers, and they’ll have cool new things to do in Las Vegas, too.

things to do in Las Vegas SlotZilla
Shrieking with joy is encouraged on the SlotZilla Zoomline.

With the opening of the SlotZilla Zoomline, visitors can experience downtown like never before. People have described their Zoomline flights as “surreal” and “dreamlike.”

From the street party below, to the 12.5 million LED lights overhead, the mind-blowing trip between the SlotZilla launch tower and the Golden Gate casino is a must-do in Las Vegas. The lower Zipline lands near the Four Queens and Fremont casinos.

Things To Do In Las Vegas 3
Zoomline flyers come in for a landing outside Golden Gate casino.

There are some weight restrictions on SlotZilla. For the upper Zoomline, flyers must be between 100 and 300 pounds. The weight requirement for the lower Zipline is 60-300 pounds. Please make sure to consider these weight restrictions when you’re building your to-do list of things to do in Las Vegas.

While there are no age limits on SlotZilla, please note children younger than 13 must be accompanied by someone going on the ride who is 13 or older.

things to do in Las Vegas
Ever dream you’re flying? This is as close as most people will get to really doing it.

Do you have questions about the SlotZilla Zoomline or Zipline? We’ve got answers. Check out our handy SlotZilla FAQ.

Think you’re up to the challenge?

Find out more about the SlotZilla Zipline and Zoomline, and even purchase tickets online. You can purchase tickets in person at the SlotZilla ticket office, across from Neonopolis, or by phone at (702) 678-5780 and toll-free at 844-ZIPVEGAS (844-947-8342, option 1).

things to do in Las Vegas
If you haven’t done this, you haven’t done Vegas.

SlotZilla is an essential item for your “bucket list” and a great thing to include on your list of things to do in Las Vegas. See more things to do in Las Vegas.

The SlotZilla zip line is the time of your life, every time. Let’s fly!

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  1. Hi, I would like to do the zipline or zoomline, do they both travel the same distance and are you lying face down on both please

    1. Nope, two ways of flying and to different destinations. The lower line (Zipline) flies halfway down the Fremont Street Experience (sitting), the Zoomline (upper) goes all the way down, to Golden Gate. On the Zoom, you fly like Superman.

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