SlotZilla Zipline Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got SlotZilla questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s a handy FAQ about the newest attraction in downtown Las Vegas at Fremont Street Experience.

Q. How is SlotZilla different from other Las Vegas zip lines?

A. In this case, we’ll show, not tell. Here’s what it’s like to fly on the SlotZilla Zoomline. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done in your life, guaranteed.

Q. How much does it cost to ride SlotZilla?

A. The lower Zipline is $25 (plus processing fees), the upper Zoomline is $45 (plus processing fees). Note: Fri. and Sat. after 5:00 p.m. are Primetime Pricing, $49. Save $5 on either line by flying before 5:00 pm.

Q. What is the difference between the Zipline and the Zoomline?

A. The Zipline is 77 feet high, flyers go halfway down the Fremont Street Experience (850 feet), in a seated position. On the upper level (114 feet up), the Zoomline, guests ride “superhero-style” all the way down the Fremont Street Experience canopy (1,700 feet).

Q. Where do I land?

A. Zipline flyers land between Four Queens and the Fremont Casino. Zoomline flyers go all the way to the Golden Gate.

Q. Where can I purchase tickets?

A. Tickets can be purchased online at Tickets can also be purchased in person at the Ticket Office, however, guests will be limited to what is available at that time.

Q. Will SlotZilla sell out or limit the number of guests to zip line?

A. SlotZilla will often sell out. We encourage you to book ahead of time

Q. What are the hours of operation for SlotZilla?

Sunday through Thursday, 12:00 p.m. noon – 12:00 a.m. midnight; Friday & Saturday, 12:00 p.m. noon – 2:00 a.m.

Q. Is the boarding time the time I will actually “fly”?

A. No, boarding time is the time you will begin your queue. Keep in mind that you will be weighed, harnessed and go through several safety checks prior to actually flying.

Q. How long from my boarding time will I actually fly?

A. We ask that you allow approximately one hour to get through the entire process. Remember, there are several safety checks prior to your actual flight.

Q. I had a change in my schedule can I exchange my tickets online?

A. Exchanges will only be allowed for ticket times that have not expired and there is a $10 per ticket exchange fee. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the Boarding Time identified on your ticket and/or wristband. Late arrivals are subject to a $10 exchange fee per ticket plus the requirement to exchange tickets for the next available time.

Let’s fly!

Q. Can I use my GoPro or smart phone during my flight?

A. No, cameras aren’t allowed on the attraction. Approved GoPro helmets are available on the harness deck. Sign-up for one and decide at the end if you want to purchase the video.

Q. Can I purchase photos of my SlotZilla flight?

A. Yes, photos of your experience are available from our photography partner, Amazing Pictures. Your photo is taken as you fly into our landing platforms, so smile! There will also be a posed photo of you and your companion(s) once you land. Photo packages are available on the lower level of each landing platform. Amazing Pictures can be reached at 800-368-6386.

Q. Are there lockers for personal items?

A. No, but customers are provided a good-sized bag for things like glasses, phones, purses etc. The bags are attached to your equipment and travel with you. Your possessions will always be with you and arrive with you on the landing platform.

Q. Do I have to walk up stairs to get to the take-off platforms?

A. Zipline and Zoomline guests walk up two short flights of stairs to the harness level. Once harnessed, Zipline guests walk up to the launch-tower. Zoomline guests go up in an elevator. Elevators to all levels are available for ADA guests.

Q. Where do the SlotZilla zip lines start and where do they end?

A. The SlotZilla tower is just past the east end of the Viva Vision canopy (look for the giant slot machine), which is also where the SlotZilla ticket office is. After flyers take off from the tower, they either land between Fremont and Four Queens (Zipline) or go all the way to the Golden Gate (Zoomline).

The upper line is the Zoomline, the lower is the Zipline. There will be a quiz.

Q. How long does the actual flight on SlotZilla take?

A. The lower Zipline takes approximately 30 seconds from the launch tower to the landing platform between Four Queens and the Fremont Casino. The Zoomline flight takes approximately one minute to get guests to the landing platform in front of the Golden Gate.

Q. Can a guest with disabilities fly SlotZilla?

A. In most cases, yes. A SlotZilla supervisor will take the guest up to the take-off deck in a Fremont Experience wheelchair. Someone from the guest’s party must meet the guest at the landing platform with their personal wheelchair. Some additional restrictions may apply for those with prosthetic limbs due to harness and safety requirements. For questions please call the Ticket Office at 702-678-5780 during normal business hours.

Q. Is my flight “both ways”?

A. No, SlotZilla is a gravity-based ride, so it doesn’t go in both directions! All flights are one-way only. You’ll have to walk back to your party or have them meet you at the landing point for the Zipline (in front of Four Queens) or Zoomline (at Golden Gate).

Q. Are there age/weight/height requirements?

A. Yes, for the Zipline guests must be at least 50 pounds. For the Zoomline, guests must be at least 80 pounds to ride. Maximum weight allowed for either ride is 300 pounds. Maximum height for either ride is 6’8″. There are no age limits as long as the weight requirements are met, although flyers younger than 16 must be accompanied by a rider 16 or older. Please note, “accompanied” doesn’t mean the same line. Guests fly individually, of course.

Q. My child doesn’t weight enough, can they fly with me?

A. No, flights are one person per line, no tandem flights.

Q. How many people go at a time?

A. There are four lines for the Zipline and four lines for the Zoomline, so four guests can go at the same time.

It’s the best way to see the most exciting street in the world, Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

Q. Once we boarded SlotZilla, we determined it was too scary for some in our party, can we get a refund for our tickets?

A. SlotZilla is designed to offer an adrenaline rush to all guests. Be advised no refunds will be offered due to “scare factor.” Be bold and enjoy the ride.

Q. What is the ride is closed due to weather?

A. SlotZilla is equipped with a system that monitors weather (lightning, wind, etc.) that may affect operations. Should the ride close temporarily due to weather, all guests for the affected boarding times will be offered a full refund.

Q. If I am issued a refund due to ride closure, how long will it take for my refund to be issued?

A. Cash refunds will be processed immediately through the Ticket Office. Credit card refunds may take up to 14 days to post to your account. Refunds will only be processed through the original form of payment, no exceptions.

Q. Are there discounts for groups?

A. Yes, group rates start at 20 tickets or more. The discounts are as follows: 20-99 tickets, 10% discount; 100-499 tickets, 15% discount; 500 tickets or more, 25% discount. For group discounts, e-mail or call 702-678-5780 during normal business hours.

Q. Any other small print I should know about?

A. Yes, flyers can’t be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You shouldn’t ride if you’re pregnant or if you have health concerns such as back, neck, shoulder, heart trouble or problems with balance or seizure disorders.

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