SlotZilla Zip Line Proves There’s No Age Limit on Having a Blast

If the SlotZilla zip line proves anything, it’s that having fun has no expiration date.

Two recent flyers prove that point. Lilias and Dave, both in their 80s, recently put SlotZilla through her paces. (Or his paces. We still haven’t sorted that out yet.)

Dave gets strapped into his harness. This is where the fun starts.

The thrill seeking seniors were on a field trip to Fremont Street Experience, courtesy of the Atria Seville assisted living community in Summerlin, about 20 minutes west of downtown.

The pre-flight orientation.

Lilias and Dave flew with Andrew (below, left), who coordinates such resident forays at Atria Seville, as well as Lilias’ family friend (right, below).

We’re ready. You ready?

SlotZilla’s lower zip lines are 77 feet up, which can be daunting even to the most intrepid, but Lilias and Dave were up for the challenge.

Dave 3
Let’s do this.

We hear SlotZilla has been on Lilias’ “bucket list” ever since the attraction opened, and we get the feeling she’ll be back to fly the upper lines (144 feet up) when they open later this summer. (Guests on the upper lines will fly superhero-style.)

Flying SlotZilla gave Lilia a unique distinction at her retirement community. It qualified her for a gold medal as an “Active Aging Champion,” a program that rewards seniors for staying vital, being adventurous and living out their dreams.

Lilias 2
Lilias raised downtown’s adorable quotient approximately 84%.

Dave lit up the SlotZilla launch platform with his amazing smile, too, and regaled SlotZilla team members with memories of his beloved hunting dog, Chocca.

Dave 2
Dave, cool as a cucumber.

With friends and supporters far, far below, Lilias and Dave took the leap, soaring along the Fremont Street Experience.

Seniors 2
A YOLO moment.

It was such an inspiration to see these SlotZilla guests having the time of their lives, and special thanks to the fine folks at Atria Seville for making their visit possible.

Have your own YOLO moment on SlotZilla. Get SlotZilla tickets online or at the SlotZilla ticket office. Ticket for the lower lines are just $20.

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  1. You really cpeturad the special moments for Heather & Ryan. I will have fun scrapbooking this wedding. The photos have such detail and I am looking forward to seeing all the photos. We hope you and your wife had fun even though you were working. Hope your family was o.k. after the Wallow Fire evacuation.

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