Five Things to Love at Golden Nugget’s Chart House Restaurant

There’s a lot to love at Golden Nugget’s seafood restaurant, Chart House, so it’s difficult to choose just five. But we did, because that’s how we roll.

1. Pomegranate Martini

In Las Vegas, it’s customary to begin any meal with a lovely cocktail. Or to begin anything with a lovely cocktail, actually. This one will kick off your dining experience in style.

We don’t exactly remember what’s in it. Which is sort of the point, if you ask us.

Chart House Cocktail
This martini is our happy place.

2. Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Five giant shrimp, served with flair (including some dramatic dry ice mist), accompanied with cocktail sauce with a serious kick. What’s not to love?

Suitable for sharing, but why in the world would you want to do that?

Chart House Shrimp
“Jumbo shrimp” was voted “Best Oxymoron Ever.”

3. Filet Mignon

Yes, it’s a seafood restaurant. But if you think Chart House is all about fish, you’re not thinking big picture, because the steak is some of the best you’ll find in downtown Las Vegas. The 8-ounce filet mignon is prepared to perfection, and even has those criss-cross grill marks that scream, “Prepare your face for a carnivore’s dream.”

Chart house steak
Note: Carnivore’s Dream would make a great band name.

4. Hot Chocolate Lava Cake

Behold the dessert to which you may want to propose marriage, the Chart House Hot Chocolate Lava Cake.

This decadent dessert features a rich chocolate cake with a molten center, made with Godiva liqueur. We also love that it’s topped with chocolate sauce, Heath bar crunch and vanilla ice cream.

Insider tip: Because each dessert is made to order, it takes about 30 minutes to prepare. Order it at the beginning of your meal to ensure your gratification will be immediate.

Chart House Lava Cake
Honestly, they had us at “Godiva liqueur.”

5. The View

One of the best parts of dining at Chart House at Golden Nugget is the 75,000 gallon exotic fish aquarium that separates the dining room from the Chart House lounge.

This aquarium is overseen by the same folks who take care of Golden Nugget’s shark tank, and it’s wildly entertaining to watch the fish conducting fish business right next to your table. (Some of the tables are literally up against the glass of the aquarium. Ask for one of those if you can.)

Chart House Fish
The variety of fish in the Chart House aquarium is amazing and runs the gamut from adorable to “What was Mother Nature thinking?”

Even if your date is boring, the Chart House aquarium will spark hours of interesting conversation.

See if this doesn’t put you in a great mood.

Find out more about the Chart House menu at the official Golden Nugget Web site, and let us know your favorite things at Golden Nugget’s Chart House seafood restaurant.

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