Death-Defying Things to Do in Downtown Vegas

Everyone’s looking for a thrill in Las Vegas, and we’ve got a few ideas about how to quench your thirst for adventure.

Life is short, so grab it by the axe! No, literally.

Read on, thrillseeker.

Throw a Sharp Object at Axe Hole Vegas

If you’re looking for a rush, try your hand at axe-throwing! No, really.

Axe Hole, inside the Neonopolis shopping complex, lets guests sharpen their skills with professional trainers before whipping a variety of objects like hatchets, knives, spears and even throwing stars.

You laugh, but axe-chucking is a great stress reliever.

Guests seven and older are welcome to feel the distinctive sensation of hitting a bull’s eye and hearing that unmistakable sound, “THOOK!” Learn more.

Swim With Sharks at Golden Nugget

The Tank at Golden Nugget resort is not only a one-of-a-kind miracle of engineering, it’s an interactive thrill ride!

The Tank at the hotel’s pool is a 200,000-gallon shark tank and aquarium. Unlike other aquariums, though, Golden Nugget gives guests a chance to waterslide through the shark tank.

It’s sensory overload in a town that knows a little something about stimulating the senses.

Golden Nugget shark tank
That tube isn’t just a tube. It’s a fun delivery device.

Here’s a closer look at this death-defying attraction at Golden Nugget Las Vegas.


Even if you’re not big on swimming, there’s a behind-the-scenes tour of The Tank that’s fun, educational and you’ll even get a shark’s tooth. Learn more.

Devour a Scorpion at Nacho Daddy

Throw caution to the wind and try a must-do experience at Nacho Daddy, just off Fremont Street.

The lively restaurant and bar serves a scorpion shot with your choice of liquor and an actual scorpion.

You thought we were kidding, didn’t you?

If you’re up to the challenge, just follow the shrieks and try this unforgettable rite of passage. Learn more.

Risk Your Life at Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas has been mortifying dieticians since 2005.

Guests don hospital gowns and dive into an indulgent menu including burgers with up to four pounds of beef. See the menu below for details, if you dare.

Heart Attack Grill
Doesn’t get much more death-defying than a “Taste WorTH Dying For.”

Your guess is as good as ours as to whether this place is intended to be tongue-in-cheek. All we know for sure is those who weigh 350 pounds or more eat free. Learn more.

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