Fear the Walking Dead Survival is Eight Kinds of Fun

One of the most common questions we get about our Fear the Walking Dead Survival attraction is, “What is it?”

It’s a fair question, especially since it’s challenging to describe something that’s one-of-a-kind.

The truth is, Fear the Walking Dead Survival isn’t any one thing: While it’s a walk-through thrill attraction inspired by AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” it’s so much more.

It’s immersive. It’s hyper-realistic. It’s exhilarating. But what, exactly, is it? We’ve got this!

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
It’s about to get real.

One of the best ways to understand this unique attraction is to break it down into digestible parts. You know, just as a zombie would do.

There are at least eight distinctive “zones” in Fear the Walking Dead Survival, each with its own thrills and challenges.

A quick overview of the adventure in store.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

1. Registration and Briefing

You might say Fear the Walking Dead Survival starts even before it starts. Guests are welcomed by military personnel charged with briefing them about strange recent events. Word of a fast-spreading infection has people on edge, and a high school has been turned into a makeshift military facility (just as it was in “Fear the Walking Dead”).

From the moment you enter the line at Fear the Walking Dead Survival, you’ll be drawn into a world of surprises around every turn. You’re in for an amazing experience, so hold onto somebody. With their permission, of course, don’t make it awkward.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
Not gonna lie, a lot of this is not comforting!

2. Decontamination

This part of the attraction takes guests through a long, sometimes disorienting corridor. Smoke blasts through overhead jets, a preliminary way of ensuring guests aren’t “infected” with the mystery virus. Little is known about the virus (some don’t even think it’s a virus, they say “fungal spores,” which is much sexier), so guests should keep their eyes peeled for symptoms: Bleeding eyes, profuse sweating, twitching,you know, the usual.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
Refreshing and possibly life-saving.

3. Scanning Zone

Stopping the spread of the virus comes down to containment, so the scanning process helps medical personnel determine which of two courses a guest takes through the next phase of the attraction. Guests step into large motion-sensitive scanners in the temporary military medical facility (formerly a high school gym). Some get good news here (“Phew!”), others not so much. Don’t panic. Until it’s time to panic, of course.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
You’re not out of the woods just yet.

4. Holding Cell

Based upon the results provided in the scanning zone, guests are split into two groups, each sent into their own holding cell. The holding cells have elements of escape rooms, but it’s really much more about the drama unfolding in the adjoining cell. Guests are asked to follow instructions to escape their cell while an unspeakable scenario happens nearby. It’s “unspeakable” because the “infected” are brutally taken care of, but also because we don’t want to speak about it too much because it could ruin the surprise. Just play along!

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
In times of crisis, decisive action is needed.

5. Reunion Corridor

This isn’t so much a zone as a huge relief. As guests make their way from their cells, they are reunited with others in their group. This is the moment where you see who made it and who didn’t, but don’t get too comfortable, it’s going to get wild. In the corridor, alarms are going off, signifying a breach in the facility. Keep moving, because in the “Fear the Walking Dead” world, those who move survive, those who don’t, well, you know.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
Yes, fun and horrifying can co-exist.

6. Elevator Ride

The only way out is on an elevator, and guests are in for a bumpy ride. Machinery is notoriously unreliable during a zombie outbreak, everyone knows that. Thanks to sophisticated hydraulics and motion technology,you’ll swear you’re on an elevator that’s malfunctioned, and the screams of your friends will serve as testament to the realism of this unnerving scenario.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
Everyone has that friend who freaks out. Don’t be that friend.

7. Maze Warehouse

The intensity of the attraction goes to yet another level once the elevator ride ends. Here, guests experience a dank basement featuring the remains of others who didn’t make it out alive. Cutting edge animatronics provide a wild maze of dangling, reanimated corpses. Guests then make their way through a gauntlet of meticulously designed zombies snarling and anxious to taste some human flesh.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
Party with the undead at Fear the Walking Dead Survival.

8. Zombie Blasting Motion Ride

A nurse, who may or may not end up somebody’s lunch, ushers guests into the final zone of Fear the Walking Dead Survival. With pulses racing, guests don 3-D glasses and are armed with lightguns. Next, one of the most intense motion simulator rides anywhere takes guests on a wild ride through zombie-infested streets and buildings, blasting as they go. Many say this element of the attraction is worth the price of admission, and guests consistently rave about the face they can check their zombie blasting score to see if they’ve bested others in their group.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
All those hours you wasted playing video games wasn’t wasted after all.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival is a non-stop shot of adrenaline sometimes described as a “haunted house on steroids.”

Even though we’ve laid out the attraction zones, you’ll find Fear the Walking Dead Survival an unpredictable adventure, as true to life as it gets.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival
Bonus: You’ll meet lots of new people!

Fans of “Fear the Walking Dead Survival” will recognize and love all the details from the hit series, but even those unfamiliar with the show, or “The Walking Dead,” will appreciate the theatrical and technological wizardry involved in providing an experience unlike any other in Las Vegas or the world!

Learn more about Fear the Walking Dead Survival and get tickets today.

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