How to do Drinksgiving Pub Crawl in Downtown Las Vegas

What Is “Drinksgiving”?

Drinksgiving is the newest holiday to emerge and is officially the night before Thanksgiving. It’s like Thanksgiving Eve but involves a serious pub crawl.

For those who take this holiday especially seriously, it has also been nicknamed “Blackout Wednesday.”

Drinksgiving is when parents can let loose before the holidays. The older children of the family may even be of age and taking out their now 21 siblings! The grandparents can stay back at the house with the little ones fast asleep. Now it is time to sneak off and have some fun before the holiday chaos begins!

Drinksgiving in downtown Las Vegas is not only celebrated; it is embraced with vigor! For Drinksgiving this year, we recommend you follow our pub crawl for the most fun in downtown Las Vegas.

The D Casino & Hotel

The D Bar

There is perhaps nowhere better to start your Drinksgiving Pub Crawl. The D Bar is famous for its frozen cocktails, performing bartenders, and dancing dealers. The music is loud, the drinks are invigorating, and it is the perfect place to start your evening.

The Long Bar

Longbar the d
Anything could happen at “drinksgiving”

Also located in the D Casino, the Long Bar is an uncreative name for an amazing bar. The bar is the home to the longest bar in Las Vegas. Pull up to the bar and watch the amazing bartenders dance and mix some of the most unusual concoctions in Vegas. You won’t regret these drinks.


Located on the second floor of the D Casino, the BarCanada sports bar is dedicated only to those who enjoy Canada’s national sport – Hockey. While this may not be your thing, the drinks are absolutely amazing, and just seeing all of the 85 inch TV’s encasing the bar is enough to make your head spin.

Vue Bar

Vue Bar 1
You could win some Christmas Money!

Before you leave the D Casino, you have to pop into the Vue Bar. The Vue has an amazing patio area that allows you to look out over the street below and all of the Vegas lights. This is a great place to grab a quick drink and take a deep breath – the pub crawl is just starting.

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

The Golden Nugget has been a mainstay of Las Vegas for as long as anyone can remember. You cannot have a proper Drinksgiving pub crawl without stopping by the Nugget for some fun.

H2O Bar

Golden Nugget Tank1
See that tube inside the aquarium? Three-story water slide. Through sharks. ‘Nuff said.

Indulge yourself with Al Fresco cocktails at the famous H2O bar. Sip your drinks as you watch sharks swim by in a 200,000-gallon tank near the Golden Nugget Pool. It is a once in a lifetime experience

Bar 46

Doesn’t that look like your family? That could be your family!

This is a well-kept secret in Las Vegas. Bar 46 has a wonderful patio seating area overlooking downtown. But it is their signature drinks that make the place amazing. Order a Horse’s Neck or a Mint Julep. You will wonder why you have never had such an amazing drink before!

Rush Lounge

Before you leave the Golden Nugget, you have to take a break in the Rush Lounge. This is a very intimate and cozy bar. You can sit and sip your drink in the darkened interior or slam it down while watching racing on the TV screens. It is the best place to sit for a few minutes before you depart to your next pub.

Binion’s Gambling Hall

Binion’s Casino is most famous for being the place that made Poker famous. This iconic casino also is home to some interesting pubs.

Whiskey Licker Up Saloon

Whiskey Licker Binions
Thanksgiving whiskies…. mmm

You will find the most amazing whiskey-based cocktails here, including the Southern Belle made with 2-bitch whiskey- a rare blend. Enjoy the fantastic views and loud music as you enjoy cocktails that are served nowhere else in the world.

Cowgirl Up Cantina

Cowgirl Up Cantina Binion’s Gambling Hall
Something nice and chill for the family maybe.

You are out West, so it’s time to get into the saddle – literally. Go up to the bar and sit in a real saddle as you order your favorite cocktail at the Cowgirl Up Cantina. This bar is picked for the middle of the pub crawl when you have had enough to get into the saddle without being embarrassed but not too much to drink where you can’t get out!

Four Queen’s Hotel & Casino

The Four Queen’s is everything that you remember about Las Vegas. The casino is large and flashy and represents indulgence at its finest.

Chicago Brewing Company

Chicago Brewing Company
Plenty on tap for the whole family!

Slip into the Chicago Brewing Company bar and indulge in some of the finest microbrews available in Las Vegas. While you are here, take a few minutes to order some real Chicago pizza. Now that you have eaten, you will be ready to continue your Drinksgiving pub crawl.

Fremont Hotel & Casino

The Fremont has been a mainstay in downtown Las Vegas for what seems like forever. But don’t let that fool you. The Freemont is home to a unique bar.

The Filament

Filament Bar1
The Filament is a brand new bar with a brand new approach to drinking. All of the cocktails served at the Filament are unique and taste fabulous. Drinking at the Filament is always a Bright Idea…

Circa Resort & Casino

Circa Bar

The Circa Bar is a unique experience that everyone must enjoy. The bar offers 24 frozen cocktails that are all delicious. Dancing bartenders mix other cocktails, and the overall vibe of the place is that people come to Vegas to have a good time. Make sure that you stop and look at their amazing bar top – made from recycled Skyy Vodka bottles!

This is a perfect place to end your pub crawl and head home for a day filled with family and food on Thanksgiving.

Learn more about Drinksgiving Events happening on Fremont Street here.

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