Troy Liquor Bar Opens at Golden Nugget, Offers New Nightlife Experience Downtown

Replacing what was once Gold Diggers in Golden Nugget, Troy Liquor Bar offers up a different take on downtown Las Vegas nightlife.

Troy Liquor Bar opened its doors in early December 2017, and the location couldn’t be more ideal.

With its second floor balcony, guests have a prime view of Fremont Street Experience and the 1st Street stage, and since they’re right next to Vegas Vic, the Insta-worthy photo-ops are endless!

Inside, find an extensive drink menu that will suit the high roller and the budget-conscious alike.

Troy has its own signature drinks and we were fortunate enough to try a few.

Troy Liquor Cocktail
The Sunset Over DTLV will win you over from the very first sip.

A favorite was the Tito’s Pineapple Mule. If you’re not drinking your mules with a splash of pineapple, you just aren’t doing it right.

For those with more refined tastes, the Stone Sour (truly pucker-your-lips sour!) and the Royal Buck will really help your dance moves, or at least get you on the dance floor.

Here’s a peek at the drink menu.

Troy Bar
“You can’t sell cocktails at that price.” ~The Strip

They aren’t over-the-top, and they don’t have fancy umbrellas or other bells and whistles, they’re just good, refined and delicious cocktails at an even more delicious price.

Troy Liquor Bar is open Thursday through Sunday, 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Troy Bar 2
Top tips: Be patient, stand where you can be seen and know what you’re going to order.

Every night has its own special theme, so check out the nightly offerings on the official Troy Liquor Bar at Golden Nugget Web site.

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