A Surprising, Obvious and Potentially Profitable Fact About the SlotZilla Zip Line

There’s no denying the SlotZilla zip line is an absolute blast. Ask anyone. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

But SlotZilla isn’t just a great time, it’s also an excellent way to win a bet with a friend or loved one, if you know one surprising, but simultaneously obvious, fact.

Here’s the bet: Wager your friend that you can guess who, of any four flyers zipping down the Fremont Street Experience, will arrive at the landing platform first.

Predicting who will win doesn’t require fortune-telling abilities, but rather an understanding of the seemingly magical qualities of what experts call “gravity.”

If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read any further.

In just about any SlotZilla race, the heaviest person on the lines will also be the quickest down the lines. It’s a physics thing.

Granted, some of the lines are “faster” than the others, so race results with people of roughly similar weight might vary. But overall, the “heaviest goes fastest” rule applies. We’d give a specific percentage of times this rule applies, but that would involve “research” and possibly “math,” so, no thanks.

The bottom line (so to speak) is now you’ve got the inside track on how to impress friends, and win new ones, when you’re flying on the SlotZilla zip line, easily one of the best things to do in Vegas.

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3 responses to “A Surprising, Obvious and Potentially Profitable Fact About the SlotZilla Zip Line

  1. I’m not a physicist, but that’s wrong. A heavier person doesn’t accelerate or travel faster than a lighter person due to gravity. In a frictionless environment everyone would travel at the same speed. It’s the friction of the cables that a heavier person is better at overcoming that enables them to reach the platform faster than a lighter person.

    1. That sounds reasonable! We’re not entirely sure why it happens, but it does. Appreciate your thoughts.

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