“Sunday Bloody Bar” at The D Las Vegas Makes a Classic Cocktail an Experience

It’s part breakfast, part cocktail and part hangover remedy: It’s a Bloody Mary.

The D Las Vegas turns this classic drink into an experience at its “Sunday Bloody Bar,” each Sunday at Longbar (you sort of can’t miss it) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Longbar 1
Both long and a bar, hence the name.

“Sunday Bloody Bar” at The D serves up Bloody Marys with a jaw-dropping list of garnish options, including, but going far beyond the basics of celery, pimiento olives, lime and lemon.

“Premium” toppings include pepper-jack cheese, rosemary, thyme, dill, jalapeno, serrano pepper, gardeniera vegetables, roasted garlic, baby corn, carrots, pearl onions and scallions.

It gets even more exotic with the “Extraordinary Additions,” including thick-cut bacon, beef jerky, hearts of palm, pickled asparagus or egg, smoked oysters or mussels.

Bloody Mary Longbar
Get creative. We won’t judge. Thanks to The D for the pic.

This is no time to be timid, you’re in Vegas! Pile it on!

There are five kinds of Bloody Mary mix: Classic Bloody Mary, Spicy Bloody (with an extra kick of hot sauce), Bloody Maria (including chili spice), Bloody Lucille (with smoky, barbeque flair) and Bloody Mahalo (a fruity, Hawaii-inspired blend).

Of course, the Bloody Marys are just one of the draws of Longbar at The D Las Vegas. Guests can enjoy their Bloody Marys while catching all the sports action on dozens of TV screens behind the bar which stretches the length of the casino.

Visit The D’s official Web site for more details about the “Sunday Bloody Bar.”

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