Something New to Explore Downtown: Lyft Art Park

There’s something new to do downtown! The Lyft Art Park features tons of quirky art pieces to explore and photograph.

Lyft Art Park
This illuminated pink cab is just one of the curiosities at the Lyft Art Park.

The Lyft Art Park, from the folks behind the Lyft rideshare service, is located at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street, just across from the SlotZilla zipline take-off tower.

Lyft Art Park
So many photo ops, so little time.

The Lyft Art Park is free and open to the public, and not only serves as a showcase for art from Burning Man, but is also a convenient place for Lyft pick-ups and drop-offs.

Lyft Art Park
Everything’s better in neon.

At the moment, the most eye-catching art is a 30-foot polar bear fashioned entirely from car hoods.

Lyft Art Park
You sort of can’t miss it.

Another must-see item at the Lyft Art Park is an explorable art car called Neverwas Haul. Learn more.

Lyft Art Park
Neverwas Haul was created in 200 by a group of self-described tinkerers.

Neverwas Haul is a three-story, mobile Victorian house. Yes, it’s weird, but that’s what makes it so great.

Neverwas Haul
Neverwas Haul is like a fully-furnished interactive museum.

Here’s the view of the art park from the second floor.

Lyft Art Park
Not exactly stereotypical Las Vegas.

Art pieces will be rotating through the interactive experience through early 2019.

You’ll also want to check out this piece called Rogue Scarab.

Lyft Art Park
Thanks for Lyft for the pic.

Visitors can also play giant chess and corn hole.

Lyft Art Park
One of the rare chess sets that can give you a hernia.

Don’t miss the tricked-out Airstream travel trailer.

Lyft Art Park
The more shiny things the better in Las Vegas.

Guests are even invited inside to charge their phones while they wait for their Lyft.

Lyft Art Park
We could so hang here.

Read more about the Lyft Art Park on Fremont East in downtown Las Vegas.

Fremont Street Experience is a Lyft advertising partner, so when you sign up for the service, use “FSE” and get up to $20 in ride credits.

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