“Men of the Strip” Tackle the SlotZilla Zip Line, Get an Icy Reception at The D Las Vegas

The docu-soap movie, “Men of the Strip,” made quite a splash when it aired on E! Entertainment Television in May, 2014.

Now, the hunky cast featured in the popular TV movie is making its way from The Strip to Fremont Street, performing four steamy shows at The D Las Vegas, August 28-31, 2014.

Men of The Strip 3
Why, there’s a hunky cast member now.

The guys took a break from rehearsals and carousing downtown to ride the SlotZilla zip line, the newest thrill ride in Las Vegas.

First, the weigh in.

Men Of The Strip Slotzilla
SlotZilla flyers must weigh more than 60 pounds, but no more than 300. Chaun passes muster. He used to be a Chippendales dancer, by the way.

Yes, the “Men of the Strip” guys flew shirtless. We asked them to, mainly because we like getting a lot of visitors to our blog.

Men of the Strip
Hey, if we ever worked out this much, we’d keep our shirts off, too.

Male revue cast members who flew on SlotZilla were Chris Boudreax (above, left), Keith Webb (above, center) and Chaun Williams (the guy that’s not one of the other two). Learn more about the dancers.

The guys were hooked up, got a quick safety briefing (“Don’t do any unnecessary pec flexing, you could put an eye out!”) and got ready to fly from the best Las Vegas zip line, SlotZilla, 77 feet up.

Flying SlotZilla provides one of the most spectacular views in Las Vegas. Flyers go beneath the Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision screen, the biggest LED canopy screen in the world.

Men Ftthe Strip Slotzilla7
SlotZilla’s upper line, the Zoomline, at 114 feet up, opens soon.

The guys landed safely and raved about their SlotZilla experience. We loved seeing them interact with swooning female visitors who wanted photos with them. The guys graciously accommodated all requests, and seemed to genuinely enjoy hanging out with fans.

That generosity streak came in handy earlier in the evening!

The “Men of the Strip” guys took a now-ubiquitous ice bucket challenge to help raise funds and awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Ice Bucket Challenge 2
You know how this works. Someone challenges you, you challenge someone else. Everybody gets soaked. It’s a thing.

The ice bucket challenge took place outside The D Las Vegas, in the center of Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street Experience is known for spectacle, and this was certainly that, especially since the people pouring the ice water were the lovely go-go bartenders and dealers from The D.

Men Of The Strip 6
What could possibly go wrong?

For the ice bucket challenge, the guys were joined by Mike Foland. Foland is known as “Money Mike,” and is the owner, booking agent and tour manager of “Men of the Strip.” “Men of the Strip” is produced by 98 Degrees founding member Jeff Timmons and was created by Glenn Douglas Packard.

Let’s do this.

Scantily-clad young women. Check. Male strippers. Check. Ice water and buckets. Check.

Ice Bucket Challenge
In Vegas, it’s go cold or go home.

The guys held their collective breath and the moment of truth arrived, in all its shivery glory.

Ice Bucket Challenge 3
A little payback for all those wet T-shirt contests!

Here’s the video that resulted from the evening’s festivities.

As you can see in the video, bedlam ruled, including dancer Keith Webb (pictured below) trying to abscond with one of The D’s go-go bartenders.

Men Of The Strip 5
Please return your go-go bartender to her original, upright position. Thank you.

Everyone had a blast, including a throng of Vegas visitors who got to enjoy the show, and all for a great cause.

Ice Bucket Challenge 4
These guys really need to come out of their shells.

Just so you feel like you’ve gotten a good life hack out of this blog post, we’re going to share a little insider male stripper trick. If you plan to rip off your shirt, use scissors to snip through the shirt at the position below. This will help avoid hernias onstage.

Men Of The Strip 4
Now you know!

Thanks to the guys of “Men of the Strip” for letting us tag along on their downtown adventures, and we’re sure the show will be a smashing success.

Enjoy a few more photos of “Men of the Strip,” and get show tickets at the official site of The D Las Vegas.

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