“Hypnosis Unleashed,” Starring Kevin Lepine, Set to Open at Binion’s Las Vegas

Comedy-hypnotist Kevin Lepine is bringing his popular “Hypnosis Unleashed” show to downtown Las Vegas. The show debuts at Binion’s Las Vegas on Oct. 9, 2015.

Kevin Lepine’s “Hypnosis Unleashed” (formerly at Hooters Casino Hotel) has been a “Best of Vegas” winner (an honor bestowed by the readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal), and now guests can enjoy his unique take on comedy and adults-only stage hypnosis at Binion’s.

Kevin Lepine1
Kevin Lepine is a Detroit native and certified hypnotherapist, a veteran of comedy-hypnosis here in Las Vegas.

Lepine says of the road to Binion’s, “I joined ‘Hypnosis Unleashed’ five years ago, back at the Harmon Theater. They picked me to be an alternate and gave me one night a week. I eventually took over to carry the name forward. We did the show at Hooters for the last three years. The new management really didn’t want to do live entertainment, so it was time to make a move.”

“I had a few options of where to go,” Lepine continues, “but when the idea of Fremont Street came up, especially the idea of coming to Binion’s with all its history, and I couldn’t turn it down. The very first time I came to Vegas I stayed at Four Queens and I played at Binion’s. I also love the street party atmosphere down here, and it was a perfect fit for what I do in the show.”

Hypnosis Unleashed1
Here’s another tidbit that illustrates Lepine’s connection to downtown Las Vegas: He proposed to his fiance at The Tank at Golden Nugget. How could she say “no”?

In “Hypnosis Unleased,” audience members are the true stars of the show. About 15 volunteers join Lepine onstage, and after a short “induction” period, inhibitions fall by the wayside and the show is on!

No two shows are the same, as the volunteer’s dictate the direction of each show, along with Lepine’s imagination and quick wit.

Which leads to the question Lepine most often gets from guests at his show: “You aren’t going to make me get naked, are you?”

His first answer is, “No, it’s illegal for me to do that.”

The next question he hears is, “Are you going to make me spill secrets?” Lepine says, “People are actually more afraid of what I might make them say than what I might make them do. But nobody ever spills secrets.”

Kevin Lepine2
Kevin Lepine and his “Hypnosis Champion” belt, which we sort of want one of.

Lepine says one of his biggest rules is that while volunteers will be doing funny things, he’s never going to embarrass them.

“I just want to make sure they’re having the time of their life,” he says. “If people are having fun, it’s going to be fun to watch. That’s not the case if people are being embarrassed. You’re embarrassed for them, and that’s not a good feeling.”

While it’s an adult show, it’s not as raunchy as some other Las Vegas hypnosis shows. Still, there’s adult language and subject matter. Hey, you’re in Vegas, lighten up!

Here’s a look at Kevin Lepine in action.

In honor of his new show at Binion’s, the casino has given Lepine his own showroom.

The “Hypnosis Unleashed” theater sits in the space formerly occupied by The King’s Ransom Museum, devoted to Elvis Presley. The King left the building on March 31, 2014.

Hypnosis Unleashed2
Just follow the sounds of a calming, soothing, relaxing, persuasive voice.

When asked who the Goldman in “Lepine-Goldman Theater” is, Lepine said, “My birth father. I’m adopted. We reconnected 10 years ago. He has been such a big part of my life and growth since then, adding his name was a great way to acknowledge that.”

Lepine Goldman Theater
Now you know.

Kevin Lepine is bringing a museum of his own to Binion’s. At his new showroom, he plans to put together a hypnosis museum, what he’s calling the Hypnosis Hall of Fame. Lepine is a huge fan of the history of hypnosis, both onstage in Las Vegas and in the world.

We look forward to seeing Kevin Lepine’s twisted brand of comedy-hypnosis when “Hypnosis Unleashed” opens Oct. 9, 2015 at Binion’s

“Hypnosis Unleashed” runs nightly at 8:30 p.m. and the box opens at 5:30 p.m. Let us know what you think when you see it! Assuming you remember it, of course.


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