Golden Gate’s Du-par’s Serves Up Daunting Stackzilla Challenge

Inspired by the world’s largest slot machine, Fremont Street’s SlotZilla zip line, Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery at Golden Gate is offering diners the chance to take on a towering stack of their acclaimed pancakes in the new “Stackzilla Challenge.”

Guests who can devour 10 of Du-par’s manhole cover-sized pancakes in 15 minutes get their pancakes free.

Stackzilla Duratrans
Your drunchies are about to get schooled.

We recently had the “Vegas stack” at Du-par’s, with a mere three pancakes (each about 10 inches across), and give props to anyone who takes on Stackzilla. These bad boys are filling, to say the least. Which might explain why they’re one of the most buzzed-about breakfast offerings in Las Vegas.

Here’s our rendering of what you’ll be up against should you dare to try the Stackzilla Challenge.

Stackzilla Pancakes
Given the immensity of Stackzilla, we’re surprised this challenge isn’t regulated by the FAA.

Please note there are a few rules to the Stackzilla Challenge. We read the small print so you don’t have to!

As we said, all 10 pancakes have to be eaten within 15 minutes, and they must obviously be eaten by one person. Diners must sit at the Du-par’s dining bar to take the challenge.

If you can’t eat all 10 pancakes, you’ll be charged the full retail value of the pancakes, $16.99. In other words, don’t wimp out.

Oh, and you must use a fork to eat the pancakes. Let’s keep this civilized, shall we?

Now, if one successfully gives a smack-down to Stackzilla, they’ll get a limited edition T-shirt to memorialize the occasion.

Stackzilla Tee
We don’t know if it’s really a limited edition, but it makes it sound fancier.

Participants must be 18 or older, and anyone taking the Stackzilla Challenge must sign a waiver and release. That’s right, a waiver. Just like the Las Vegas zip line that inspired it, the Stackzilla Challenge isn’t for the faint of heart.

Stackzilla Rules
Don’t get eye strain. Just check out the list of rules once you get to Golden Gate.

So, are you up to the challenge?

After you hit Du-par’s, let us know how your Stackzilla Challenge goes, and if you don’t share pics, it never happened. Good luck!

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