Five Places to Satisfy Your Doughnut Cravings in Downtown Las Vegas

Sometimes, cravings just hit you. Often, those cravings involve pastries, specifically doughnuts.

Given that National Doughnut Day (or National Donut Day, if you prefer your spelling more free-wheeling) is the first Friday of June each year, we thought it high time to assess our doughnut options in and around Fremont Street Experience.

Here’s what we ate. Sorry, found. Here’s what we found.

1. Dunkin Donuts at Fremont Casino

It’s the brand we all know and love, centrally located on Fremont Street, and open 24 hours a day. By the way, on National Doughnut Day, Dunkin Donuts at Fremont casino gives out free doughnuts with the purchase of any beverage.

Dunkin Donuts
Our happy place.

2. Du-par’s Restaurant and Bakery at Golden Gate

Du-par’s at the Golden Gate casino doesn’t just do the best pancakes in Vegas, it’s also got an alluring selection of baked goods. Hence the “Bakery” in their name. Please try and keep up! Again, open 24/7, just the way we like it in Vegas.

Dupars Bakery
“No need to bag these, we’ll eat them on the way out, thanks.”

3. Starbucks at Golden Nugget

While the doughnut selection at Starbucks at Golden Nugget isn’t vast, there are doughnuts, and possibly coffee as well. (Remember where you got this exclusive insider information!)

Starbucks Golden Nugget
Fun Starbucks fact: In the chain’s original logo, the mermaid’s hair didn’t cover her breasts. Vegas doesn’t judge.

4. O Face Doughnuts

This doughnut shop is a block off Fremont Street, near the intersection of Carson Avenue and 6th Street. If you don’t know where those streets are, head toward the SlotZilla take-off tower, go one block over (toward The Strip), hang a left and walk until you find you’ve got a doughnut in your mouth. The doughnut below is the bacon maple doughnut at O Face Doughnuts. Hey, different strokes.

O Face Doughnuts
This doughnut is so famous, it travels with an entourage of crullers.

5. Walgreens

Look, drunchies are drunchies, and when they descend, it’s pretty much any doughnut in a storm. Or something. The romantically named Walgreens Store 7499 (near the foot of the SlotZilla tower at the east end of Fremont Street Experience) has doughnuts the way many people like themcheap, convenient and in plentiful supply.

There have been times when we’d have sacrificed a thumb for a chocolate-covered Donette. (Not OUR thumb, of course. That would be weird.)

Hopefully, these options will more than cover your downtown doughnut (and donut) cravings, day or night.

And remember, when you’re on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, calories aren’t “calories,” per se, they’re “party fuel.”

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