Dynamically-Generated Halloween Light Shows Are a First for Fremont Street Experience

Guests of Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas are in for a treat during October. For the first time, the massive Viva Vision video screen will play custom, Halloween-themed shows created in real time.

Halloween Viva Vision1
Everything’s bigger in Las Vegas, including reapers.

The ability to create custom shows on the fly took about six months of development by Fremont Street Experience’s Lead Multi-Media 3D Artist, Eladio Botello.

Botello created a unique interface, pictured below, so show operators can easily switch out themed backgrounds and “animations,” colorful characters and articulated icons. Selections appear on Viva Vision right away, so shows are spontaneous and can reflect and amplify the vibe on Fremont Street.

Custom Viva Vision Show1
Instant animation!

The custom shows include 26 different backgrounds, many built from scratch, and 42 animations. The animations include ghouls, goblins, coffins, bats, witches, vampires, eyeballs, zombies and blood splatter, Frankenstein and many others.

Even if only one background were used per show, along with just one animation, it would mean there are more than 1,000 variations of the light show possible. Each show contains multiple backgrounds and animations, so the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Custom Viva Vision Show3
An overlay tells show operators where images appear on which part of the massive Viva Vision screen.

Here’s a look at Botello working his custom Viva Vision display. Note the long row of monitors displaying what Las Vegas visitors are seeing outside on the 1,500-foot-long Viva Vision screen.


Eladio Botello is one of three people who run the Viva Vision light show, in addition to Ron Sanagustin and Rayshon Suell.

Custom Viva Vision Show5
Eladio and Ron pretend to look at something. Thanks for playing along, guys. Rayshon is going to be mad he missed this completely unstaged photo op.

OK, we dropped by again so Rayshon could be in the photo.

Happy? Internet fame!

The improvised Halloween light shows feature a number of songs the operators may choose from, both classic and current.

Custom Viva Vision Show4
Life is like a Halloween Viva Vision show, you never know what you’re going to get.

This new way of creating Viva Vision shows means no two Halloween shows are ever the same. Botello anticipates the new system will be used for other seasonal shows in the future.

The custom Viva Vision light shows appear each evening after the regularly-scheduled light shows. Here’s the nightly Viva Vision schedule.

Custom Viva Vision Show2
Pick a background, any background.

As always, the light shows at Fremont Street Experience are free and open to the public.

The Viva Vision shows are part of our OktoberFrightFest festivities, featuring live entertainment (including our very own production show, Frank & The Steins) and more. Get the details about OktoberFrightFest at Fremont Street Experience.

Frank and the Steins 2015-10
Coincidentally, Frank & The Steins are also dynamically-generated.

Fremont Street is the place to be for Halloween in Las Vegas! It’s undeniably one of the most fun things to do, and best places to people-watch in Las Vegas, or anywhere for that matter.

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