Downtown Has a New Man Cave: Binion’s Opens Cigar Lounge

Opinions about cigar-smoking vary widely, but for many, cigars are an integral part of the Las Vegas experience.

Binion’s Las Vegas has responded to that sensibility with a new cigar lounge.

Binions Cigar Lounge
Just like your den. If your den were attached to one of the most iconic casinos in the world.

The new cigar lounge at Binion’s is a clever solution to a time-honored problem. How do you give cigar-smokers what they want while avoiding head-butting with diners in an adjoining restaurant? Easy: Give cigar lovers their own enclosed lounge, complete with cushy leather furniture and TVs for sports fans.

Now, diners can enjoy some of the best BBQ in downtown Las Vegas at Benny’s Smokin’ BBQ & Brews, and cigar smokers can lance and bouquet to their hearts’ content. Harmony. It’s a thing.

Binions Cigar Lounge3
Speaking of sports, the new cigar lounge is conveniently located mere feet from the casino’s race and sports book.

Astute Las Vegas aficionados will note a wink to Binion’s owner Terry Caudill adorning a wall of the cigar lounge (photo below).

Caudill is a cigar enthusiast, so staffers thought they’d make his caricature part of the decor.

Binions Cigar Lounge1
“I don’t always smoke cigars, but when I do, I do it looking uncannily like The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

In addition to Binion’s regulars, Binion’s plans to make the new cigar lounge available to those who want to reserve it for private parties such as bachelor parties and sports-centric gatherings.

Binions Cigar Lounge4
The new cigar lounge is sure to be a boon for the nearby Vato Cigars. The owner, Paul Vato, is one of the more colorful characters you’ll meet downtown, so stop by a say “hello.” You don’t have to like cigars to like this guy, trust us.

The new Binion’s cigar lounge seems a great fit for this old-school casino in downtown Las Vegas. Some cigar fans bemoaned the elimination of cigar-smoking when the BBQ restaurant opened, so now they’ll get their chance to support the new lounge in all its dark-wood-and-leather glory.

Binions Cigar Lounge2
The signs for the new cigar lounge are subtle, but you’ll be able to find it. You read the Fremont Street Experience blog!

Binion’s is truly an only-in-Vegas landmark, and the classic casino continues to add new offerings to the downtown mix. Learn more about Binion’s Las Vegas, and “like” the Binion’s Facebook page. It’s one of the most lively and entertaining of any casino in town.

6 responses to “Downtown Has a New Man Cave: Binion’s Opens Cigar Lounge

  1. Do you sell cigars there as well, or do we bring our own, and if you sell them what brands do you have in Humidor. Thank you, Bob

  2. Can you have food in there? Are there bartop VP machines? I used to enjoy playing video poker in the bullpen when it was cigar friendly.

    1. Yes, you can have food in the cigar lounge, but the bartop video poker machines are in the main restaurant, so you can’t both play and cigar.

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