Don’t Miss the Demented Genius of Gallagher at Golden Nugget

He’s about as iconic as comedians get. Gallagher became a household name in the ’80s, and his twisted sense of humor has just gotten better with time.

Gallagher is performing at Golden Nugget Las Vegas through July 19. Learn more. The signs say this is his farewell tour, so if you miss it, you may be missing a final opportunity to see this maestro of mayhem in action.

Gallagher BW
The man. The mirth-maker. The Gallagher.

You know you’re in for something special when you approach the showroom at Golden Nugget because outside, for about an hour before the show, Gallagher hangs out and takes photos with every member of his audience. Seriously. In a town where unsatisfying meet-and-greets can run you hundreds of dollars, Gallagher’s meet-and-greet and photo op are included in the experience.

Taking a selfie with one of the most recognizable names in comedy, ever, sets the mood for what’s to come. And what’s to come is easily one of the funniest shows in Las Vegas.

A Britney Spears meet-and-greet costs $2,500. And she doesn’t even smash anything.

Gallagher’s show is unique in that it has something for everyone. If you like intellectual humor, he’s got it. If it’s politics you’re into, you’re covered. If you’re a fan of puerile puns, Gallagher is the undisputed master.

And while Gallagher delivers 90 minutes of wordplay wizardry, the last quarter of his show is devoted to chaos in the form of a bit he describes as “the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” His timeless “Sledge-O-Matic.”

Gallagher 4
The Sledge-O-Matic is just one small part of who Gallagher is as a showman. It just happens to be an awesome part.

Clever turns of a phrase and keen insights into society and the human condition are fine, but sometimes you just have to smash things.

Gallagher 3
Comedy has its price.

Gallagher clearly gets a perverse pleasure from toying with his fans as the show progresses. Every time he hears his table of smashable items, the audience collectively ducks under its trash back panchos. Gallagher grins and says, “Not yet.”

While 67, and although he’s suffered an astonishing four heart attacks, Gallagher exudes a youthful energy and glee as he blazes through some of the best comedy material we’ve ever heard. He doesn’t rely on his classic routines, but rather unearths new ridiculousness to lampoon as only he can.

“This counts as sex,” says Gallagher.

Gallagher has sometimes been a controversial figure, because his material often gets taken out of context. It’s true he doesn’t shy away from anything–race, religion, politics, you name it. His humor is bawdy, but not raunchy, and he takes care to use profanity sparingly, noting it’s a crutch for many comedians. As Gallagher says in his show, “We’re not going to be politically correct, we’re just going to be correct.”

Gallagher 1
Gallagher says, “It’s not prop comedy, it’s proper comedy.”

Here are a couple of memorable gems from Gallagher’s show, although there are far too many to count:

“The real idiot on a baseball team has to be the catcher. He knows that son-of-a-bitch can throw the ball 100 miles an hour and he spreads his legs and gives him a target.”

“I drive all around these United States, and I keep track of how much it’ll cost if you hit a road worker. After comparing nationally, I’d like to tell you the prices around here are some of the most reasonable anywhere. Look, if those people cared about their lives, would they wear the same color as the cones?”

“That’s why flying saucers don’t land. They can smell stupid.”

He even tossed in a joke devoted to Fremont Street Experience: “Hey, if you don’t want so many homeless downtown, don’t build them a roof.”

Beyond his silly stage persona, Gallagher is a fascinating creative force. He’s a prolific writer of children’s poems and silly songs.

He’s also a proud father. In fact, Gallagher’s son, Barnaby Gallagher performs sitar in his show.

Barnaby Gallagher
Gallagher says of his son, “He doesn’t want to be a comedian, but he has all the ability. It was my suggestion that he play the sitar. I think I got it right because he loves it.”

In some ways, Gallagher is like an onion, and you never know what you’ll find as you peel back the layers.

Few people know of Gallagher’s other talent, that of inventor. He’s the owner of a patent for, wait for it, a slot machine. Skeptical? The way Gallagher describes it is, “I patented gravity.” Take a look.

Our fingers are crossed that Gallagher’s stint at Golden Nugget will be extended, but if not, this could be the comedian’s last fling with performing live onstage.

Gallagher 2
She knows of what she signs.

Do not miss this show! Get tickets while you can.

After seeing Gallagher perform at Golden Nugget Las Vegas, we’re left feeling like the audience did the night we attended. We wish it would never end.

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