Captain Morgan Soars, Shreds and Schmoozes on Fremont Street

Captain Morgan, iconic mascot and hero of Captain Morgan rum-lovers everywhere, made a special appearance on Fremont Street Experience.

Captain Morgan Slotzilla6
This guy and Fremont Street went together like Captain Morgan and cola. Which we would totally trademark were we not so busy writing blog posts.

The Captain’s visit was in honor of Captain Morgan sponsoring Fremont Street Experience’s Downtown Hoopstown, a month-long celebration around the NCAA basketball championships. Learn more about Downtown Hoopstown.

Captain Morgan, accompanied by his Morganettes, made a grand entrance by flying on the SlotZilla zip line.

Captain Morgan Slotzilla4
Time to fly. Wait, we’ll try that again. Avast, time to fly! That’s better.

The Captain was up for the adventure. Which could be a pirate thing. But it could also mean Captain Morgan hired the exact right guy to play Captain Morgan. He was charming and funny throughout his SlotZilla experience. Learn more about the SlotZilla zip line.

Captain Morgan Slotzilla7
It’s a little like walking the plank, but 77 feet up.

Then the affable Captain, whose real name is Randy, took to the stage during a performance of our “Hardwood Hotties” production show.

Captain Morgan3
Confirmed: The Captain is all about that bass, ’bout that bass.

Check out Captain Morgan’s bass-playing skills. A first for Captain Morgan! (We didn’t actually verify that, so don’t necessarily believe everything you read on the Internet.)


Captain Morgan assured us he wisely won’t be quitting his day job as a swashbuckler anytime soon.

Captain Morgan and his comely companions then took to Fremont Street to rub elbows with downtown Las Vegas visitors, handing out Captain Morgan-themed swag, including giant Captain Morgan heads.

The crowd at it up. Sorry, drank it up.

Captain Morgan6
This isn’t the first time someone’s seen quadruple on Fremont Street.

Thanks to the Captain for dropping in our little party. He’s been a fixture at the bars on Fremont Street for some time, so it was great visiting those same bars with this magnificently mirthful mariner. All right, that we’re trademarking.

Captain Morgan7
Captain Morgan is quite the scallywag. Mainly because we’ve always wanted to use the word “scallywag” in a sentence.

Check out more photos from Captain Morgan’s visit to SlotZilla and Fremont Street Experience.

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