Ben and Jamie Got Hitched in Vegas, Then Took to the Skies on SlotZilla

While strolling Fremont Street, we caught this sight out of the corner of our eye.

Slotzilla Wedding1
Weddings and Vegas go together like weddings and Vegas. Not the best simile, but also not untrue.

We’ve see newlyweds on Fremont Street often, but these two were making quick time, so we set out after them for a photo.

We caught up with them at the SlotZilla zip line ticket office, and had a hunch a great story was unfolding. It was.

Slotzilla Wedding2
This is happening, wedding dress and all.

Come to find out, Ben and Jamie from Oregon had gotten hitched earlier in the day, and Jamie got it into her head the couple would make their wedding day entirely unforgettable with a flight on SlotZilla.

From the sound of it, if Jamie says she wants to do something, she’s going to do it. Ben, being the dutiful husband, went along for the ride.

Slotzilla Wedding3
A wedding day photo op like no other.

SlotZilla has two take-off levels, the lower “Zipline” ($20) and upper “Zoomline” ($40).

Of course, “lower” is relative because the Zipline is 77 feet up. The Zoomline is 114 feet up. Flyers on the lower level sit in a traditional zipline harness, and those on the Zoomline (the one Jamie and Ben chose) fly face-down, like a superhero.

Jamie’s dress provided some challenges for our SlotZilla crew. The Zoomline harness is a bit like a soft taco shell. It wraps around. But there are still leg and arm holes, so a wedding dress makes for some interesting maneuvering.

Slotzilla Wedding5
Ben gets bonus points for the assist.

Jamie’s longtime friend, Andrea, was along for the ride, as was another friend, Nick.

They were very patient. This is a great quality to have in friends.

Not your typical wedding party activity by any means.

Slotzilla Wedding16
It’s the bride’s day. If she says, “We’re flying,” you’re flying.

Once on the Zoomline level (there’s an elevator ride involved), Ben and Jamie got prone.

Slotzilla Wedding13
You know. Chilling in Vegas on our wedding day. In the world’s biggest slot machine.

Ladies, please take note. This is how you show off your rock, SlotZilla-style.

Slotzilla Wedding14
Fremont Street is known for its bling (neon, that is). This night, it had quite a bit more.

Soon, Ben and Jamie were ready for their first SlotZilla flight as man and wife.

Slotzilla Wedding15
The couple that hangs together, birth pangs together. (Note: SlotZilla would make a great baby name, you two.)

Soon, Ben, Jamie and their friends were soaring down the length of Fremont Street Experience.

Said Ben, “The SlotZilla zipline is definitely a memory we will both share for the rest of our lifetime.” We like this guy, so good catch, Jamie!

Find out more about the SlotZilla Las Vegas zip line, or book tickets online.

Enjoy more pics from Ben and Jamie’s wedding day in Las Vegas and swing by to make some memories of your own.

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  1. This was such a fun day. My son and his new bride made it their own memorable adventure. Thank you for documenting this awesome moment in their special day.

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