Free Concerts 2015 at Fremont Street Experience Will Rock Your Las Vegas Summer

Fremont Street Experience is ready to light up downtown Las Vegas with our “Rock of Vegas 2015” free summer concert series!

Visit our official Calendar of Events for current concert information.

We’ve assembled a diverse line-up of hit-making bands, and all our Rock of Vegas concerts are free and open to the public.

Shows start at 9:00 p.m. Shows will end at either 10:40 p.m. or 12:30 a.m., depending upon how many bands are performing.

Rock of Vegas 2015 Official Logo
There’s an official logo, so this is definitely happening.

Here’s a look at our free downtown Las Vegas concert schedule for the summer of 2015.

Concerts this summer have included KC and The Sunshine Band (May 23), Tonic & Vertical Horizon (May 30), The Smithereens, The Tubes & The Motels (June 13), Smash Mouth & Toad the Wet Sprocket (June 27), Dropkick Murphys (July 10) and Theory of a Deadman (July 18).

Aug. 1
Spin Doctors & Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
1st Street Stage

Spin Doctors are best-known for two hits with irresistible pop melodies, “Two Princes” and Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies rose to the forefront of the neo-swing movement with their two million-selling Zoot Suit Riot.

Sept. 6
Kansas & Blue Öyster Cult
3rd Street Stage

Kansas has scored eight gold albums, three sextuple-platinum albums and a platinum live album (Two for the Show), as well as hits like “Carry On My Wayward Son” and the timeless Dust in the Wind. Since their debut in 1972, Öyster has sold more than 24 million albums worldwide. Some of their most memorable songs include “Godzilla,” “Burnin’ for You” and Don’t Fear the Reaper.

Fremont Street Concert1
Fremont Street Experience is the ultimate concert venue on Earth, ever. If you don’t believe us, ask these 10,000 people.

There are more concert details to come, but mark the dates so you don’t miss the biggest concert events of the summer in Las Vegas.

There’s something for everyone in our Rock of Vegas summer concert series, so plan to visit Fremont Street Experience for music under the world’s biggest video screen.

Our free concerts are made possible by the generosity of our partner casinos: Binion’s, The California, The D Las Vegas, Four Queens, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget and Main Street. Check them out.

Visit the official Fremont Street Experience Facebook page for all the latest Rock of Vegas summer concert news, or follow us on Twitter.




92 responses to “Free Concerts 2015 at Fremont Street Experience Will Rock Your Las Vegas Summer

  1. This sucks. A concert every weekend in July except the one I’m coming to town! July 26 add someone awesome!!!

      1. I would like to see a concert that weekend also. The only weekend in July we can make it and NO free concert.. big bummer.

    1. Fan Halen is playing House of Blues (inside Mandalay Bay) on July 24. The singer sounds better than David Lee Roth anyway.. $12 tickets, and sometimes there are free tickets handed out near the entrance..

  2. WOW, what great acts! I love living in LV, and the Fremont St. summer concerts make it even better, thanks for providing quality entertainment! I’ve seen Kansas twice, so I have to catch them for the third time!!

  3. It seems some of the dates are not SATURDAY night, including Kansas/BOC which is listed on a Sunday, is that correct?

    1. Kansas and BOC are here over Labor Day weekend, so that it probably why they’re playing Sunday. There will probably be other special activities scheduled over the long holiday weekend.

    1. They more than likely have nothing because that’s the same time we are going to be there. We will have fun anyway !!


  5. hey guys, i came over from australia last week and was blown away! i play in a tribute show that would be perfect for these stages, how do i contact the booker? thanks!

  6. Hey, This looks great!
    We would love to attend Drop kick murphy’s on the 10th July. As a first timer to the Freemont experience – what sort of time would you have to be in the area in order to ensure you can get into the concert?

    1. You’ll definitely be able to get in, but the earlier the better in terms of getting a good spot. An hour earlier than the showtime tends to work pretty well.

    1. I’ll be there that weekend as well … Doesn’t have to be no big headliner but ANY live band will do! That’s the reason we are staying on Freemont for first time! Nugget experience everyone is ranting about

      1. We’ve always got live bands, even when we don’t have our Rock of Vegas headliner concerts going on. We update the calendar about a month ahead of time.

  7. The last time I was their (I live in Vegas, and USED TO love going downtown), the ‘free’ concert they promoted was cordoned off. They only people allowed into that restricted area had to pay an amount of money!
    RIP OFF!!! I was so disgusted, I haven’t been back to that cesspool.

    1. Yeah, not sure what you’re talking about. Our concerts do have gates for security purposes, but the shows are free. There is a VIP section, but you can’t pay to get in that section. Those passes are distributed at the discretion of our casino partners. Sorry about your experience, but you might want to give it another try.

  8. The concert was for Deep Purple.
    The entire area was cordoned off, and I was denied access.
    If you claim anything else, you are a LIAR!!!
    I was able to hear them, but needed a special ‘bracelet’ to actually see them.
    It happened to me, and it will happen to anyone else that thinks they are going to see any brand-name group downtown for ‘free’.
    Downtown HAS BEEN RUINED!!!

    1. Um. Doug. Dude. What are you even talking about? Our concerts are free. Deep Purple was free. We can’t charge for these concerts, and they’re open to the public. Bracelets and VIP passes are for the VIP area, but the general audience area is open to the public. Security gates are in place so potentially dangerous items can be kept out (like cans or bottles, etc.). Otherwise, everyone can come in. Yes, it gets crowded, but it’s a first-come, first-served kind of deal. Again, these concerts are free. The VIP is reserved for guests of our hotel-casino partners (they’re the ones paying for the concert). Sorry for any misunderstanding, but rest assured, you won’t be charged for attending a Rock of Vegas concert.

      1. Hey, it happened, and I won’t be going downtown again.
        This is my last post. There are goofballs posting now that have resorted to name-calling and it is not going to get any better.
        That’s the kind of person that is the problem.
        I’m a local, and I was denied access to see Deep Purple. Maybe the guy at the entrance was looking for some extra income, I don’t know.
        As I said prior, it happened to me, and it sucked. I will never spend another dollar downtown and do all I can to let people know of my bad experience there. Even if it makes some people label me with childish names.
        I wish you luck in trying to sell that kind of ‘experience’.

        1. I Saw the Deep purple show and it was free, doug did you drink to much and dream of your incredible story

        2. I went to the FREE Deep Purple and had no issues getting in to see them play.

          Sounds like Doug is just dumb enough he couldn’t figure it out.

          Although I am glad to hear he won’t be going to Fremont St anymore, that way the rest of us don’t have to deal with him since he’s apparently an idiot.

  9. Why is “Las Vegas Doug” so angry? All shows at at Fremont Street are free, except on new years eve. Every dumb dumb knows that.

    1. I am angry at them because I was denied entry to a ‘free’ concert.
      Wasn’t that clear in my prior posts?
      Some person (?) is trying to say that it did not happen to me, when it did!!!
      Was it a scam, quite possibly.
      Maybe I am not a ‘dumb dumb’ so I wouldn’t know that. Apparently you know that, so you must be as you stated.
      Cool name calling, very mature, ‘Kick your azz’.

  10. I tried to find an email to send this comment to, as not to blast it publicly. So I apologize if there was one and I did not find it. I just wanted to give my feedback on my experience this past weekend at the Tonic/Vertical Horizon Concert. I do not want this to come off as complaining since it was a free concert and I’m grateful for that. I would imagine you(Fremont Experience) heard and others have commented on the sound. It was not good. I don’t want to say it was loud because well it was a concert and I’m no expert on what exactly the issue was. But by the time Vertical Horizon came on we could not take it any more and left early. 🙁 Not to say we won’t enjoy the other shows this summer but we’ll be bringing some earplugs. I hope something is adjusted and it is a bit more enjoyable.

    1. We appreciate hearing from you. So, was the issue related to the volume, specifically, or something else?

    1. The usual great entertainment, plus special performances by a rock band called Madison Rising. They play rock versions of patriotic songs!

  11. Please bring DJ Lady Go Go back! She always had a good crowd and great music! Sorry but the new DJ just doesn’t compare.

  12. Was just wondering if there will be any bands playing downtown at all on july 26, They don’t have to be any known band just wondering if there is any kind of entertainment at all. I always enjoy myself when I am in vegas but more so downtown to me its more alive then the strip and it makes it a more enjoyable time when you hear live music period.

  13. The Tubes used to rock (can’t testify to anything but Fee being the frontman). The Smithereens rock. The Motels? Oldies.

  14. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me their having something 4th of July weekend…………they have to…………..

    1. We’ll have some great live entertainment, of course, including Madison Rising, a special appearance by a patriotic rock band.

    1. Our schedule is firm about a month out, but we’ll have the usual live entertainment and Viva Vision shows.

    1. Welcome, and glad you’ll be able to join us. We love seeing our locals at Rock of Vegas concerts. These events are standing-only events, no tickets required. No chairs or coolers, sorry. Hope that helps!

  15. How early do you recommend getting there for the Theory of a Deadman concert. My husband and I will be driving from SoCal and I was curious if we should get there right away or hang out and sight see first!

    1. You probably know what we’re going to say. Earlier is better! We expect a big turnout, so if you want to get a great spot, it’s a good idea to get downtown early. There’s stuff to do on Fremont Street while keeping an eye on the crowd around the concert area. If you see it starting to fill up, better grab a spot!

  16. We came downtown the night of the KC & Sunshine Band concert. We were charged $10 for self-parking @ the El Cortez. We walked down Fremont and ran into barriers that directed foot traffic away from the stage and north on 3d Street. The sound system was terrible and we could make out the stage, about 1/2 block away, but little else.
    I want to bring my son and wife down next week for DropKick Murphys, but the crowd barriers were difficult and there was NO accommodation for elder or handicapped attendees. It was a free-for-all yes, but not in the good sense.

    1. Glad you could join us, but sorry about your disappointing experience. Sounds like part of it was caused by some confusion about the kind of events hosted here at FSE. First up, the casinos set their own parking prices. Our official Fremont Street Experience lot is $2 for each 60 minute period, daily max of $12. The barriers are set up so there’s a smooth flow of foot traffic on the mall, even as the concert crowd grows. Next time, just look for the concert entrance and you should be set. It’s best to arrive early, of course. Dropkick Murphys will be about as busy as KC, so again, plan to arrive early. We make reasonable accommodations for the handicapped, but some planning is required. The take-away here is that the events are “festival-style,” which means no seating, and first-come, first-served as far as location. Hope that helps for next time, but this type of event isn’t for everyone.

  17. Nothing for July 25th….really! Come on find us some music! Check out From Ashes to New, they are a new, upcoming band.

  18. I would love to see Spandex Nation again! Please consider adding tem on Saturday 8/15/15


  19. Excellent to see that on Sept 6th you’ve got two bands that I love.
    My question about the BOC show is, do we have to bring our own cowbells or will they be provided? LOL.

    My flight was getting in late on the 6th but I changed it to a morning flight so I would have plenty of time to get a good viewing spot! I’ll be there till the 16th and I’m wondering if there are any special shows after the 6th?

  20. We will be staying at golden nugget last weekend in August. We will have some “new bes” to Vegas with us. Anyone know if there’s any concerts going on that time?

    1. There will be live entertainment, as always, but not one of the special “Rock of Vegas” concerts, sorry!

  21. I Impersonate/Vocals many rock stars/Tribute band style i was a professional rod stewart Impersonater could you contact me with bandmembers for the likes of Guns & roses/Rolling stones/the who/Ozzy/Billy Idol/Ray charles/sammy davis/Michael jackson etc.etc.Many Impressions/Impersonations/Impersonater Thank you Mike.

  22. The Concerts downtown on Fremont Street are free whether it’s a big name act or one of the regular acts that play there like Yesterday – The Beatles Tribute or Spandex Nation, both of whom which are excellent.

  23. Was there last Friday the 23rd…loved Frank and the Steins and their Halloween set….what an experience Fremont is…thanks for a night of memories

  24. who were the rock bands Thursday Friday and Saturday night on Fremont St. this week Loved 1 of them!?
    Started with an M. Then Saturday came out as Spandex Nation?

  25. I was there Thursday Friday and Saturday.. They were awesome.How do I get the CD of this group. Rocked with them ALL night!

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