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Boyd Rewards Program

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The Boyd Rewards Program is your golden ticket to turning the extraordinary into the unforgettable. Even with all the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, you can still enhance every aspect of your visit with rewards that make you feel like Vegas royalty.

As you immerse yourself in the dazzling world of casinos, shows and unparalleled hospitality, Boyd Rewards ensures that every play, every stay and every moment spent in participating venues like the Fremont Hotel and Casino isn’t just enjoyed; it’s rewarded.


Access Boyd Rewards Wherever You Go

The Boyd Rewards Mobile App stands as your personal concierge to the best of Las Vegas. Imagine having the pulse of the city at your fingertips, with real-time updates on entertainment schedules, gaming opportunities and dining experiences tailored just for you.

The app is your gateway to personalized offers and exclusive perks that make every moment in Vegas more rewarding. Track your points in real time, get exclusive offers and manage last-minute reservations, all from the convenience of your Boyd Rewards App.

Give The Gift Of Fun

Fly With Boyd Rewards

Imagine turning your Fremont Hotel escapades and gaming triumphs into your next tropical getaway. This dream becomes a reality with the groundbreaking partnership between Boyd Rewards and Hawaiian Airlines.

Now, every point earned through the Boyd Rewards Program can seamlessly transform into Hawaiian miles, opening up a world of travel possibilities. The exchange goes both ways, allowing you to convert Hawaiian miles back into Boyd Points and ensuring your next Vegas visit is just as rewarding.

Earn Rewards Before You Arrive

Who says you have to wait until you set foot in the Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas to start living the high life? With Boyd Rewards, the excitement and luxury of Vegas come to you. The Stardust Social Casino is an interactive online library featuring a vast selection of slot games like those on the Vegas Strip.

It’s like having a piece of Vegas in your living room, office or restaurant. It’s perfect for those who are planning a trip to Vegas and want to hit the ground running with rewards in hand. Whether it’s complimentary dining experiences, show tickets or exclusive access to events, starting your journey online means you’re already a step ahead.

To Vegas and Beyond

Las Vegas might be the heart of the Boyd Rewards Program, but the thrill doesn’t stop at the city limits. With 10 participating locations across the nation, your journey to luxury and excitement extends far beyond the neon lights of Vegas. This expansive network means that no matter where you are in the United States, you’re never too far from experiencing the opulence and top-tier service that Boyd Rewards offers.

Every time you visit any of the participating locations, you’re not just enjoying a change of scenery; you’re accumulating points that propel you toward greater rewards. And the best part? All the tier benefits and services you’ve come to love in Vegas follow you. Whether it’s complimentary stays, exclusive access to events or dining experiences that tantalize your taste buds, your Boyd Rewards ensure that every visit is as rewarding as the last.

Boyd Rewards Program FAQs

How Does the Boyd Rewards Program Work?

With the Boyd Rewards Program, you earn points every time you play at any of the participating casinos. These points accumulate in your account and can be used to unlock special rewards, such as complimentary hotel stays, dining experiences and exclusive access to shows and events.

Do Boyd Points Expire?

Yes, to maintain the value of your accumulated points, it’s crucial to stay active within the Boyd Rewards Program. Any points you’ve earned will expire if there’s no activity on your account for a period of six months.

How Do I Claim My Reward Points?

To simplify your experience and keep you focused on the excitement, the Boyd Rewards Program provides you with a Boyd Rewards Card. This personalized card automatically accumulates all your points for you, ensuring no additional effort is needed to claim your points.