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Progressive Jackpots at Fremont Hotel and Casino


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Progressive Jackpots Keep Climbing

Playing progressive jackpots is like finding a treasure chest that grows larger whenever someone tries to open it. A casino adds a portion of each bet to the jackpot pool with every slot machine pull. Table games typically see the pot grow for only one round before someone wins it all, but with progressive jackpots at Fremont Street, the pot keeps growing with every bet.

With Fremont Street progressive jackpots, modest bets can transform into life-changing rewards. A small wager is key to unlocking Las Vegas fortunes that only high rollers experience.


Bet Small, Win Big

Las Vegas casino games with progressive pots are different from other games because you can win big no matter how small your bet is. 

Fremont Hotel and Casino games require different denominations per bet. The collection spans 12 denominations, suitable for casual enthusiasts as well as seasoned high-rollers.

  • 10¢
  • 25¢
  • 50¢
  • $1
  • $2
  • $5
  • $10
  • $25
  • $100

Regardless of the denomination, the jackpot swells with each play. Yet, even those playing at lower stakes have the chance to strike gold because the pot is constantly growing with progressive jackpot games.

Immersive Slot Games

Fremont Hotel and Casino prides itself on catering to every kind of gamer’s preference with an extensive selection of nine different game types. Those who remember the good old Vegas days will still find their favorite classic slot games available.

But if you want a brand-new experience that reflects the glitz and glamor of Vegas, there are video poker games with state-of-the-art animations and video slots to keep you entertained. 

The possibilities are endless, with over 800 Fremont Hotel slots at your fingertips. Your fun is always just a press away. All the slot machines are intuitively designed, making it easy to understand your winnings and stay in the action. The slots are constantly updated to keep up with the latest and greatest in slot machine technology.

Brand New Chances To Win

Every year at Fremont Hotel and Casino is a new chance to play and win. The thrill of chasing jackpots never ends because the possibilities are growing. This year, Fremont Hotel has over 40 games to choose from.

Here are some of the newest additions:

  • Blazing 777 Triple Double Jackpot Wild Nudge
  • Fu Dai Lian Lian Turtle
  • Conan
  • Egyptian Link Amasis Treasures

All the games are packed with adventure and keep you on the edge of your seat. Spin the giant wheel at Wheel of Fortune or battle the opposing forces in Conan the Barbarian. With so many games to choose from, every visit to the Fremont Hotel is a new and exciting experience. Try your hand at winning the big jackpot with new games coming every year.

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Get Straight to Playing

Travel no further than Fremont Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for your thrilling progressive jackpot wins. Instead of wandering the casino floor searching for your favorite games, the innovative, progressive slot search tool makes it easy. Enter the name of your preferred game, and like magic, access an easy-to-read map that guides you directly to its location.

You can also filter your search by denomination, game type or new games. Why lose precious moments in the maze of gaming machines when you can head straight to your lucky spot? Fremont Hotel and Casino makes it easy to start winning life-changing prizes with small bets.

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