Chicago Brewing Company at Four Queens Hotel & Casino

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Chicago Brewing Co. is a culinary and brewing oasis in the heart of Las Vegas. Nestled within the iconic Four Queens Hotel & Casino, this isn’t just another dining spot; it’s where the soulful food scene of Chicago takes a glamorous Vegas twist.

From the deep-dish pizzas that rival those of the Windy City to microbrews that capture the essence of Midwest craftsmanship, every bite and sip here is a testament to quality and flavor. Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that bridges two iconic cities right here in the heart of Las Vegas.

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Start Your Meal Off Right

Starting with an appetizer menu as diverse as the city itself, this 4 Queens Hotel restaurant has a selection that caters to every appetite, from the comfort food classics we all love to unique creations you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll find more familiar choices like mozzarella sticks and giant pretzels, perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But you’ll also get appetizers that take it to the next level with filet mignon sliders that redefine elegance in a bite-sized delight.

The beauty of Chicago Brewing Company’s appetizer selection lies in its versatility. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing or craving a hearty start to your meal, there’s something on the menu for you.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can start your meal with the extraordinary at Chicago Brewing Company?

A Taste of Chicago Pizza in Vegas

Here, pizza isn’t just food; it’s a canvas for your culinary creativity and homage to the rich, indulgent flavors of Chicago’s deep-dish legacy. Every slice is a testament to Chicago Brewing Company’s commitment to flavor, quality and sheer indulgence.

The build-your-own pizza option on a perfectly crispy thin crust offers you the freedom to mix and match, creating a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours. Choose from a plethora of fresh, high-quality toppings to craft your dream pizza tailored to your exact preferences.

For those who prefer to leave culinary creativity behind, our menu boasts mouth-watering combinations prepared by our expert chefs. Take a walk down the Magnificent Mile Meat Lover for a carnivorous feast, savor the tangy and sweet notes of our Brew-BQ Chicken or indulge in the sophisticated flavors of the Uptown Roasted Garlic Chicken pizza.

Each option is more than just a meal; it’s an exploration of tastes and textures designed to delight and satisfy.

Mouth-Watering Sandwiches

Blending classic Windy City flavors with the innovative Las Vegas flair, this Four Queens dining menu is a fusion of cultures and tastes. From the iconic Chicago Dog, dressed to impress with all its traditional trimmings, to a selection of burgers that have quickly become the talk of the town, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

But what truly sets the sandwich menu apart at Chicago Brewing Co. is its inclusivity; even vegetarians can indulge in the Impossible Burger, a plant-based delight that will still satisfy your taste buds. And because no sandwich is complete without the perfect side, you get options ranging from crispy fries and fresh salads to hearty gumbo and golden onion rings.

With sandwiches that could easily make a Chicago eatery jealous and sides that round out each meal to perfection, it’s a dining experience that captures the essence of both cities it draws inspiration from.

Come for the beer, stay for the sandwiches and leave with memories of a meal that stands out in the heart of Las Vegas.

Premium Microbrews

In a city known for its endless entertainment options, discovering this gem where expertly crafted microbrews flow as freely as the Las Vegas fountains is like hitting the jackpot. With an atmosphere that’s as inviting as it is exciting, there’s no better place to enjoy a pint (or two) than right at the source of some of the finest beers in town.

Chicago Brewing Company takes pride in offering a diverse selection of beers to suit any palate. Every sip promises a journey of flavors crafted with the utmost care and expertise, from the light and refreshing All Nighter Ale to the rich and robust Sun Down Stout. And for those who love variety or simply can’t decide, the sampler is a perfect choice, offering six distinct flavors to explore.

But the experience isn’t just for adults; even kids can join in the fun with a pint of hand-crafted root beer, which is voted the best in Las Vegas. The commitment to quality and flavor is evident in every drink served.

For aficionados looking to take a piece of the experience home, the brewery offers 64 oz growlers, so you can savor your favorite brew long after leaving the neon lights behind. Whether enjoying a 14 oz glass to cool off from the desert heat, sharing a 60 oz pitcher among friends or indulging in a unique beer tasting with the sampler, Chicago Brewing Co. delivers an unmatched beer experience.

Inside Chicago Brewing Co.

Best Place for Watching Your Favorite Sporting Event

With its rich, warm interiors that blend the charm of classic Chicago with the excitement of Vegas, Chicago Brewing Co. is your go-to spot to catch your favorite games. At the heart of it all is the expansive bar top, where you can enjoy premium microbrews and built-in games so you never have to leave the fun of the casino.

Surrounding you are high-quality TVs strategically placed so that no matter where you find yourself seated, you’re always part of the action. At Chicago Brewing Co., every seat is the best in the house.

The atmosphere at Chicago Brewing Co. is a testament to the essence of Las Vegas: vibrant, dynamic and endlessly entertaining. It’s a place where the energy of the city meets the comfort of your favorite neighborhood bar, creating an environment where every visit feels like a celebration.

Whether you’re here for the exceptional food, the exquisite beers or simply the electric atmosphere, Chicago Brewing Company promises an experience that’s as unforgettable as the city itself.