Fear the Walking Dead Survival, Our New Thrill Attraction

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Now open! The newest thrill attraction in Las Vegas is open at Fremont Street Experience, inspired by AMC’s hit show, “Fear the Walking Dead.”

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Fear Starts Here, Experience It for Yourself

zombie attraction las vegas Fear the Walking Dead Survival is now open, a first-of-its-kind experience inspired by AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” TV series. Check out our FAQ for more details.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, zombie fanatic or just appreciate a good adventure, you’ll love this attraction that’s part thrill ride, part escape room, part maze and part interactive video game.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival is a collaboration between AMC, Fremont Street Experience and Triotech, a Canadian company that’s created dozens of technologically-advanced, interactive attractions around the world.

This groundbreaking attraction features elaborate sets, immersive audio and high-tech motion simulator technology. Upon entering, guests are transported to the world of “Fear the Walking Dead,” set against a temporary military medical facility amidst growing rumors of a zombie outbreak.

The attraction features a number of “zones” where guests can face their fears and escape a bloodthirsty hoard of the infected.

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