Fremont Casino Flips the Switch On Filament Bar in Downtown Las Vegas

The Fremont Hotel & Casino has opened a swanky new bar, Filament Bar, in downtown Las Vegas.

Filament Bar combines an upscale, modern decor with cocktail values visitors have come to expect from casinos along Fremont Street.

Here’s a look at the new Filament Bar inside Fremont casino.

Filament Bar1
Filament Bar is located on the east side of the Fremont casino. Just listen for the clinking of glasses and the sound of video poker machines!

Speaking of video poker, Filament Bar boasts 10 machines set into a slick pewter bar top.

It’s worth noting the bartop boasts what is currently the longest pewter bar top in the world!

Filament Bar Pewter
If ever a bar top could be considered sexy, it would be this one.

The star of the show at Filament Bar is the beverages, of course.

There’s a wide selection of beer and a signature cocktail menu we just had to try. As, you know, blog research.

Filament Bar Cocktail1
They had us at Electric Chair Martini.

The Electric Chair Martini was delicious and reflects the value-focused prices at just $8. A comparable cocktail on The Strip would easily run $14-16, and even in downtown’s booming bar district would run in the $12 range.

Downtown, we’re big fans of more bang for the buck!

Here’s a look at the specialty cocktail menu at Filament. You can always find it on the Fremont’s Web site, too.

Filament specialty drinks
We’re going to work our way through all these cocktails. The things we do for you.

The drink menu has a flip side, so here’s that as well.

Filament Menu2
That’s not a typo: $3 Heinekin, Heinekin Light, Corona and Corona Lights. You thought we were kidding about the value thing?

We chose another winner with the Bright Idea cocktail, also $8.

Filament Bar Cocktail3
The illumination theme continues. The bar’s tagline is: “Where drinking is always a bright idea.”

The Bright Idea has Ketel One, Midori and sour, in case you’re keeping track at home.

No self-respecting bar along Fremont Street would be without a selection of slushy drinks, so Filament Bar is all over it.

Filament Bar Cocktail4
The trifecta of brain freezes.

Filament Bar, complete with flair bartending, is a great new addition to Fremont casino, one of the downtown hotel-casinos operated by Boyd Gaming (the company also owns Main Street and The California). These hotels are also Fremont Street Experience partners, by the way.

The bar’s hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. and Friday and Saturday, noon to 3:00 a.m.

Filament Bar3
Useless trivia: Walnut wood, the kind used in Filament Bar’s decor, is also popular for canoe oars and cutting boards. It’s expensive, but made to last.

Don’t forget to stop by the casino’s gift shop for a Filament T-shirt.

Filament Bar Tee
There’s a 23% chance that says “Quickies,” but we can’t confirm it. We were cocktail sampling!

Filamant Bar is currently in a “soft opening” mode, with an official Grand Opening planned for later in July.

We predict Filament Bar will quickly become a favorite hangout of downtown visitors, including many who typically wouldn’t stray far from the trendy bars in the Fremont East district.

Filament Bar2
In downtown Las Vegas, these are considered shot glasses.

We’d love to hear what you think of this new Fremont casino offering. Find out more at the official site.


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  1. I think we’d all be interested in hearing about the paytables for the video poker machines at the Filament.

    Are they set to where they should be for a downtown & locals crowd? Or are they tightened up to a more strip-like settings since it’s a new bar that’s trying to be fancy schmancy?

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