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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Parking at Fremont Street Experience

This is Vegas Vic and his arm is really, really tired.

Parking in downtown Las Vegas used to be so simple. These days, though, things have gotten a little more complicated.

A great solution to the downtown Las Vegas parking dilemma is a structure Las Vegas visitors and locals sometimes drive right by. It’s the official parking of Fremont Street Experience.

The Fremont Street Experience parking garage is located at 111 S. 4th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.

With more than 1,300 spaces, the parking structure at Fremont Street Experience is massive, so it’s rarely full, even when large-scale events are happening downtown, including concerts at Fremont Street Experience or nearby music festivals or other events.

The official pointer-towarder of the Fremont Street Experience parking garage.

The parking structure is centrally located for all of Fremont Street, including the SlotZilla zip line, the Fremont East district and all along the Fremont Street Experience, including its Viva Vision canopy and five blocks of casinos, shops, restaurants and bars.

The entrance to the Fremont Street Experience parking garage is just across from The D Las Vegas.

The Life is Beautiful music festival was nice enough to paint a giant mural on our parking garage, so now it’s even easier to spot. Even from the surface of the moon, actually.

Yes, there’s a color that was not used in this mural. It’s Smaragdine. Probably.

The basic cost of parking at Fremont Street Experience is $4 per hour, with a daily maximum of $20. (The lost ticket charge is $20.)

On rare occasions, a flat fee will be charged, such as in the case of concerts or large-scale events nearby (such as the Life is Beautiful Festival). The flat fee varies by event, but is typically $20, or about half the cost of other parking lots in the area at times of peak demand. It’s not bragging if it’s true.

A little-known fact is that Fremont Street Experience offers an excellent deal for monthly parkers. The monthly fee for monthly parking is just $45. To sign-up for monthly parking, please visit the booth located at the exit of the parking garage.

For those who work in downtown Las Vegas, this is one of the best deals going!

Here’s how parking at Fremont Street Experience works, because parking is sort of boring until the moment you need (wait for it) parking!

This is Vegas Vic and his arm is really, really tired.

When you pull into the Fremont Street Experience parking structure (look for the entrance off of 4th Street, between Fremont Street and East Carson Avenue.), grab a ticket from one of the two parking ticket machines.

Please stop at the machines to get your ticket. We’ve had to replace these arms, like, 100 times.

Just push the button on the thingy to get your ticket (see photo below). Please don’t laugh. Sometimes, people don’t see the giant arrow.

Seriously, don’t laugh. Just push the button so we can all get on with our lives.

Of course there’s small print. Life is a series of things with small print.

Lawyers spent a good deal of time writing this, so skimming is not recommended.

It’s important to remember the height limits in the Fremont Street Experience garage: 8-foot-2-inches. The height limits decrease as you move to the upper floors of the garage, so careful! Despite the fact it’s Las Vegas, nobody wants to see you with your top off.

The max height decreases as you go to higher levels in the garage.

It may seem obvious, but please take note where you parked.

We’ve tried to make it easier by having a different dice face on each parking level. The levels are also color-coded. Vegas veterans know you should always snap a photo of your floor level with your smartphone before starting your Fremont Street adventure.

The dots on a dice are called “pips.” Somebody has to keep track of all this useless information!

When you leave, you can pay at kiosks on the mall level of the garage (the elevator lobby), or on the 2nd floor of the garage. Paying at the machine on the second floor of the garage is one of our best insider tips, because the kiosks on the first floor often have lines. The first floor kiosks are shown below.

The elevator lobby. Which has great acoustics, so feel free to hum to yourself.

If there’s a line on the first floor, make your way to the second floor kiosks to feel like a high roller.

Same deal, shorter wait.

Please note that while you can pay as you exit with a credit or debit card, no cash is accepted as you exit the garage.

Cash is king in Vegas. Except here, so please take note.

Once your ticket is accepted, the arm raises (again, please, wait for the arm to raise).

This is where you emerge from the Fremont Street Experience parking garage like a newborn from a lady part. Or an analogy that’s actually appropriate.

It may seem obvious, but the Fremont Street Experience garage is, not surprisingly, the best place to park near Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas.

The Fremont Street Experience parking structure is very well lit and safe (our security officers work in the same structure), and the exit of the garage provides seamless access to the I-515 and I-15, back to the Strip.

The Fremont Street Experience parking garage also houses the administrative offices of SlotZilla and Fremont Street Experience. And a Walgreens. Now you know.

Whether you’re visiting the casinos along Fremont Street, or the Container Park or bars along Fremont East, the garage at at Fremont Street Experience is a safe, easy, cheap place to park in downtown Las Vegas.

If you have questions about the best place to park at Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to ask. Leave a comment and we’re happy to answer your questions.