See the Historic El Portal Theater at Fremont Street Experience

blog2Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas is steeped in history! This is where Las Vegas got its start.

One remnant of times gone by is the El Portal Theater. The theater was built in the 1920s, and at the time was the city’s only movie theater. You know, way back when, before you had to take a second mortgage to buy popcorn.

El Portal holds another important distinction. It was Las Vegas’ first air-conditioned building.

Now, the El Portal Theater building is home to the El Portal Indian Arts & Crafts store. Swing by for a glimpse of Sin City’s colorful history. Read more.

  • Fidel Cashflow

    Sadly, city hall approved a plan to turn into a dang food court and tavern tonight and thw facde and hsitoric sign are forever going bye-bye. Damn shame. Big loss for Fremont Street and this city overall.

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