“Fear the Walking Dead” Attraction Coming to Fremont Street Experience

We’re thrilled to announce a new attraction here at Fremont Street Experience, the “Fear the Walking Dead: Survival” experience. The new attraction is slated to open this summer.

The new zombie-themed experience, inspired by the hit AMC series, “Fear the Walking Dead,” is being brought to downtown Las Vegas in partnership with Triotech, a Canadian company known for its innovative multi-sensory interactive attractions. This is the first walkthrough attraction in the world to be based upon AMC’s popular “Fear the Walking Dead” series.

The “Fear the Walking Dead” experience is part thrill ride, part escape room, part maze, part haunted house and part video game, all set against the backdrop of the popular TV series.

The only thing we have to fear but fear itself. And zombies. Roosevelt got it half right.

The new attraction will feature elaborate sets, immersive audio and video, as well as high-tech motion simulator technology.

Fans of “Fear the Walking Dead” will immediately recognize many of the attraction’s features, but even those unfamiliar with the AMC series will love the unique, fright-filled attraction.

The “Fear the Walking Dead” experience is actually a combination of experiences, much like some of the most popular attractions at major theme parks.

Since 2006, Triotech has created the most technologically advanced immersive and interactive media-based simulators. The company has installations in more than 40 countries. Learn more about Triotech.

We look forward to sharing more about this exciting new attraction. If you’re looking to scream, check out the SlotZilla zipline here at Fremont Street Experience, the premier thrill ride in downtown Las Vegas.

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  • Sam Snead

    Where is it going to be on Fremont st?

    • Lisa Markham

      Just at entrance to Slotzilla

  • Daniel Poirier

    when this summer ?

  • Tashanna Thaxton

    #vegasexperience #childabuseawareness

  • Sherie Pouliot Kolbinger

    Sorry, just came back from Las Vegas. We made our usual downtown trip to see the light show. So disappointed, what happened to queen and all the other oldies but goodies. I assume you’re catering to the 20 to 30-year-olds now. Very sad. We decided it was our last trip downtown. We have been going down there for 20 some years, but will stick to the strip from now on. You have lost your unique charm. You look alike these days and we don’t have to take the bus ride. You had a good thing going, why did you try to be like the strip. There is a place for both of you.

  • David Bartlett jr

    I just came back from fremont street and I thought it was great. I have been going to vegas for years, first time downtown. Be back next year 4 Queens! And i am 65!

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